2023 Winter Wardrobe Update

2023 Winter Wardrobe Update

As usual, my 2023 winter wardrobe update shows an overspend, though at least I’m not overspent and underdressed, so that’s something.

2023 Winter Plan Recap

So, after the bargain clothing sale that was my wardrobe review, I decided I didn’t need much, but wanted:

  • A pair of trackpants $50
  • A pair of not skinny jeans $100
  • Provision for new sneakers (one of the existing is looking a bit dodgy), say $200

2023 Winter Wardrobe Update


I was reminded, that in general, I can’t wear polyster, and a couple of the new summer t-shirts turned out to not be 100% cotton, so I had to replace them (too sweaty).

Plus, the drugs that make my skin easily tearable and bruisable helped me get some lovely bruises from my bra’s underwires (stupid drugs), so I had to get some soft-cup bras.

2023 Winter Purchases (including postage)

  • A pair of trackpants $41
  • Two new warm fleeces $140 (I noted this in the winter plan, but forgot to add it to the budget).
  • New sneakers $164
  • Two 100% cotton fitted t-shirts $137
  • Three t-shirt style bras $44
  • A closer fitting, more rain resistant raincoat for dog walking $175
  • New Wellingtons for stomping around in what used to be my garden $160

So total for the winter spend $861. Which is a little bit more than $350 (though technically it should’ve been $490).

I’m not sure I could’ve predicted the need for new bras, but I knew (from bitter experience) that last year’s dog walking raincoat was more of a fashion item than a rain protectant, so I should’ve bought a new one before the rain settled in.

And then there’s the wierd phenomena of the spreading feet, though I shouldn’t have been surprised my old wellingtons didn’t fit considering I disposed of my heeled shoes last year because I didn’t want to “break” them in again (in truth it would’ve been more a case of breaking my feet back in).

And I still haven’t got those jeans, or been to the dressmaker!

Wardrobe Learnings

My 2023 Winter Wardrobe Update suggests I’m not planning effectively.

Which makes me think I need to treat my wardrobe more like my pantry. In the sense of buying a new box of tea when I finish the old one. Or ideally, just a little before I finish it so it’s ready when I need it.

We’ve got the whole black thing sorted out. And the purchasing “rule” of one to wear with two in the wash (which reminds me I need to set the clothes washer off).

And of course, there’s the budgeting. With the current high inflation leading to a cost of living crisis, perhaps I need to do a kind of pre-shop to get an idea of how much what I’m looking for will cost, and then add a largish margin.

So that’s me – how did your 2023 Winter Wardrobe Update work out?

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