Like most websites, mine uses cookies; tiny files downloaded to your computer to improve your experience. Your web browser puts them on your hard drive for record-keeping purposes or to track information about you. This Cookies Policy explains the reasons I use them, and how to disable them.

The Cookies I Set

My site offers an opt-in newsletter and email subscription services; cookies remember whether you’ve already registered. When you send data in a contact or comment form, cookies remember your user details for future correspondence.

In some cases, I also use trusted third-party cookies:

Disabling Cookies

To change the way cookies are dealt with, you must change your browser settings. You can stop, approve/deny, or receive notification as they come in. Your browser’s Help page will explain how.

Sadly. there aren’t industry standards for disabling cookies This means that disabling cookies generally disables the functionality and features they add to a site.

So, I recommend you leave them on if you aren’t sure whether you need them or not – just in case they provide a service you use.

More Information

If you have any other questions, send me an email at