• I write stories, some of them for Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. I've also written five self-help books applying business techniques to personal matters like getting dressed, cleaning house, and feeding your friends.

    As a recovering Project Manager, I'm probably too fond of sticking to plan.

    I live in a forest because I love the sound of birdsong, the scent of gum leaves and the sansation of sun on my face.

    When not telecommuting to parallel universes from my Melbourne based imagination, I like to watch K-dramas, talk to animals, and drink Campari.

    Often at the same time.

Five Fun Facts About Me

  1. When I was about eight, I spent a lovely sunny afternoon in an apricot tree eating sun-warmed fruit straight from the branch. And was very ill the next day. Haven’t eaten them since. Can’t even stand the smell of them.
  2. I took a cruise on the original Love Boat (Sun Princess), but decades after the show finished when she was Festival Cruises Flamenco.
  3. I sang First Tenor in my secondary school’s Choir and Barber Shop Quartet.
  4. I am a dog magnet. Wherever I goes, dogs (and sometimes cats) come to check me out. I’ve been approached by stray dogs in London, San Francisco, Geneva, Pompeii, Rotorua and across Australia (amongst others).
  5. My hair started going white in my early teens; I had Lily Munster streaks and I thought I looked cool.

Awards and Publications I'm In

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Another Disclosure

For the sake of my friends’ and family’s privacy, I refer to all:

  • Women as Katy in memory of the What Katy Did books by Susan Coolidge – I loved her as a child and I thought she would make an excellent best friend.
  • Men as Toseland, from The Children of Green Knowe by LM Boston. I adored this series as a child and still have the full set I reread periodically.

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