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I write stories, some of them for Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

I’ve also written five self-help books applying business techniques to personal matters like getting dressed, cleaning house, and feeding your friends.

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All my books – fiction (novellas, collections and short stories) and non-fiction are available to buy or borrow.

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This Month's Short Story

This story is free on this website for one month. Not your cup of tea? No worries, I'll share another story next month.

  • Honeymoon Disaster

    For better or for worse…

    As the sun set, a line of orange and yellow highlighted the darkness of the landscape. The clouds overhead partially concealed the summer blue sky with grey and charcoal cotton candy.

    Junie’s just become Mrs Franco Visille Jnr.

    It’s the first blissful day of the rest of her life.

    At least until the bullets start flying.

    Honeymoon Disaster by Alexandria Blaelock is free on this website for a month.

    This Month's Short Story

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