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Haley Joel Osment may have been able to see dead people, (The Sixth Sense), but seemingly, I see a chicken that isn’t there.

I live next to a kind of canyon, and as I sit at the dining table eating breakfast, I can see across “the ditch” into the yard of the people behind me.

Neither of us have the kind of fence that would prevent anyone seeing in – hardly seems worth it when you’d need to climb along a blackberry infested creek bed before ascending a sheer cliff face.

They keep poultry in their yard, including geese, chickens and ducks. At least I think they keep ducks rather than the wild ducks dropping in to vist. Though I suppose if you have a nice pond-like set up and some food, it would make a pretty good duck stopover.

And the ducks have been on the move recently.

They generally let the birds out to take care of their bird ablutions while we’re eating breakfast.

So far as the birds go, they’re nothing special so far as I can tell, just ordinary geese and chickens, that are interesting enough to watch while we grunt in single syllables.

All perfectly ordinary except for the mysterious, big, black chicken only I can see.

When no one else is looking.

I mentioned her handsome chickenness one time to DB, and when he tried to verify, she strolled behind a bush. And since then, has vacated the field of view every time I’ve mentioned it.

I’m not entirely sure she’s a real chicken any more.

And if she’s not a real chicken, what could she be trying to tell me?

(Assuming she is telling me and I’m not “eavesdopping” on someone else’s spiritual message.)

Chicken Symbology

Chicken teaches you how to stick to your word and understand the hidden meaning behind what others say.

Bernadette King

These birds are symbolic of fertility (eggs), death (dinner), and unpredictability. They’ve been used for divination (dead and alive), as well as sacrifice. They don’t (seem) to attempt to understand their purpose, they just are.

Words used to describe them include; “zeal, tenacity, social activity, sexuality, self-confidence, renewal, recognition, providence, potential, perception, patience, offering, nourishment, mysteries, life cycles, growth, funicity, fortitude, fertility, divination, diet, creativity, courage, and community.”

Does that sound like me? Maybe.

Chicken as Spirit Animal

Chicken Spirit does not merely walk; it struts. When one comes into your life, it’s time to let your personality shine with all its uniqueness; if you have been holding yourself back (being “Chicken”), no more of that!

Bernadette King

They don’ just “cluck.” They also “purr” as they lay eggs, and “warble” when they’re nervous.

So perhaps the message is be more meaningful in my communications, talk issues through, go deeper than the surface level.

Or maybe even to just stop dithering and get on with the writing and publishing. And enter that contest.

Chicken as Totem

Those born with a Chicken Totem have a rather bold and dauntless approach to everyday life… If Chicken has a goal, and they are on the run, get out of the way… Their enthusiasm is simply captivating and contagious

Bernadette King

These people need balance in their lives, and will happily chase unwanted guests out of the henhouse. They love language, know words have power, and grow the wisdom to use the right words in the right places, using the right media at the right time. They are also timely, always on time, and include time for their commitments on their calendars. And apparently, there’s a defined pecking order.

Which does sound a lot like me.

Chicken as Power Animal

Invoke Chicken as a Power Animal when you are uncertain if people are honest, or if something is not as it seems.

Bernadette King

They’re pretty good at scratching around for tasty titbits, and very caring, leading their chicks to food for several weeks after they’ve hatched. Not to mention the previously mentioned pecking order.

So apparently good for invoking when you need to find the truth, when watching over others, and when you need to set good bounderies.

Which is not something I feel the need for.

Except maybe in this big black chicken related mystery.

The Hatching

So what does the mysterious big black phantom chicken want to tell me?

  • To be bolder and dauntless?
  • I’ve done enough scratching around, and it’s time to move on and get going again?
  • It’s time to leave the shell and start telling more people about my writing?

Or simply to tell you, because you’re the one the message is really for.


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