The Problems of #GirlMaths

The Problems of #GirlMaths

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I recently heard about #girlmaths, and it doesn’t make me happy.

“GirlMaths” involves specious calculations to reduce the cost of clothes/shoes/accessories to free by takinb into account the cost price, number of wears, and potential return/refund/onsale income.

There is a lot not to like about #girlmaths.

Women are Reducible to Girls

First, all women are essentially infants who are incapable of taking care of themselves.

And if we’re all infants, we all need men to take care of us.

Which is troubling, given a statistically significant number of men kill their girlfriends, wives and children. Or ensure they live in post-divorce poverty. Preferably in their cars on the streets.


Second, it plays into stereotypes of femininity. That all people born or identifying as female are frivolous, and incapable of doing “proper” maths. And given the first point, presumably that’s boy maths.

And in turn, this means we can’t lead countries, go into space, or just balance our bloody credit card statements.


Clearly someone who regularly does #girlmaths, is incapable of saving.

So, chances are, #girlmaths purchases, are funded with debt. If not credit cards, then Buy Now Pay Later schemes.

Either way, four easy payments of $50 rapidly spirals out of control thanks to the benefits of compound interest. Before you know it, you’re too afraid to open your statement, because you know the number inside waiting for payment is going to kill you.

Cost of Living

Another issue I have with #girlmaths, is if you’re buying new clothes/shoes/accessories, who’s paying your rent? Are you sitting at home with no power eating crunchy noodles out of the packet?

Or are you living the truth of girls, at home, being taken care of by your parents instead of growing up and standing on your own feet.

Cost of #GirlMaths

Thankfully I’m older now, and I can laugh a little as people’s eyes pass over me as if I’m not actually visible. No one is judging my appearance.

They probably weren’t when I was younger and worried about it either.

But when I wasn’t wearing a uniform for work, I did want to wear the latest fashionable clothes. And I did buy and throw out a lot of cheap clothes too.

My only hope is younger women will grow out of #girlmaths before it’s too late.

They’ll get good jobs and start saving. Realise they don’t need or want fountains of cheap clothes, and will start thinking about quality items they want to keep for the long term and not throw them away.

In 2014, I bought the infamous red tunic. It was custom made to my measurements, and cost me $101.87 including postage. I’ve worn it so many times the cost per wear must be negligable by now, but the cost per annum is $11.32. I started thinking thinking about replacing it a few years ago, but it’s still kicking along. Now I’m wondering if we can make it a decade.

How’s that for #girlmaths?

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