Blundering About Like a Caffeinated Spider

Blundering About Like a Caffeinated Spider

It doesn’t take a genius to work out I like to be organised.

You don’t even need to know me.

You just need to read a few posts here and there to know my last paid job was as a Programme Manager, that I have Project Management Qualifications (a huge student debt), and have written a few books.

What with assorted health issues, and the ongoing granny flat construction, this year has seen one broken plan after another.

So it’s shouldn’t be a real surprise to anyone I feel like a caffeinated spider.

Randomly zigging and zagging.

Spinning a little out of control.

Knowing there’s something I ought to be doing. Something systematic and productive,

Instead of backtracking. Going backwards and forwards. Crossing my path and getting myself lost.

Caffeinated or not, it doesn’t really make a difference to how organised I feel at the moment.

And yes, I have whined about it a bit recently.

But, hopefully, it’s coming to an end.

The granny flat is nearing completion and I’m taking one tiny task after the next.

And I’ve done enough tiny writing tasks to finish a short story and enter it into a competition.

“Things” are already looking more positive for next year.

And while there are other projects to take on next year, at least they will be a little more under our control.

But mainly, I just needed and excuse to talk a tiny bit about caffeinated spiders.

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Caffeinated Spider image via Wikimedia Commons.

Note: the orginal spider research concerned other, harder drugs as well, not just caffeine. It was kist easier to get the caffeintated spider image than a spider on cocaine or speed. The original research can be found at Noever, R., J. Cronise, and R. A. Relwani. 1995. Using spider-web patterns to determine toxicity. NASA Tech Briefs 19(4):82. Published in New Scientist magazine, 29 April 1995.

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