May 2022 Progress Report

May 2022 Progress Report

What can I say about May 2022, except that it came and went way too quickly.

And I discovered there’s a world day for bees!

Clever Girl and I visited her best friend, and I took a solo trip into town for my transplant review – then did some shopping, caught a tram, a train, and a bus home to find I still had my visitor sticker stuck on my coat! So embaressing.

But that, and the election, made me think about leadership.

The inflation rate increased just after the election, so I started thinking about how to stay warm when you can’t afford to keep the heating on.

While I was there I had my diary cover engraved with an inspirational quote so it smells nice and leathery again. It’s also good to read it when I get a bit teary.

Started trying to journal again, but I haven’t managed to find the right time for it.

Throughout May 2022, I’ve been continuing with the 04:30 am wakeup experiment. It’s getting harder to get up early, but my mood and productivity are still fairly high. When it comes to bedtime, I haven’t managed to get to sleep earlier, so I’m not entirely sure it’s sustainable for me.

My “barefoot” sneakers arrived during the month, and I’ve enjoyed them so much I decided to get some boots for winter. Unfortunately, the first pair was supposed to be delayed for about eight weeks, so I ordered another (two weeks). The second came about a week later, and the first a couple of days after that. I have never had a pair of shoes that fit so perfectly from the first day that I have not had any blisters at all!

I enjoyed the local writer’s group, but it took a long break after my first group… Not to worry, back again next month.

Didn’t read much, but still ahead of my reading challenge schedule;

The Usual SantasOn ReckoningThe Other Miss Bridgerton

Q2 Goal Scores

A note on the scoring; the score is a percentage; the times I did the “work” divided by the times I planned to. A “good” score is above 85%. I check in every week, but I’ll only note the averages here.

#1: Stay Married to DB
• Cook his favourite meals.
• Do the chores that annoy him the most when they don’t get done.
Never move anything he puts down.
92%Let some chores slip, and did a bit of moving.
#2: lose 5.6 kg by April 3, 2022
• Eat smaller portions.
• Don’t eat snacks.
• No eating after 7 pm.
55%Even worse than last month – must get rid of that snacking habit.
#3: Stephen King Famous
• Write 500 – 1,000 words every day.
• Complete a novella each month.
• Publish the novella the next month.
128%Looks good, though mainly because I took a course that was quite beavy in the writing. Published Dream House, and sent some work through to the publisher.

Moving right along…

So, now May 2022 is over. How did you go?

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