The Greatest Ever Haiku

The Greatest Ever Haiku

I wrote the Greatest Ever Haiku this morning, and I was so excited to share it with you.

But there is a thing that sometimes happens to writers.

It’s distraction.

I’m sure it happens to other kinds of people too. When they’re doing whatever it is they do.

But for a writer, it can be devestating when something happens and you lose your train of thought.

At least when you’re at the computer and you accidentally delete something, you can go back and check your daily backup.

Or save your work “as” and ^z (Control+Z/C-z/Ctrl+Z) all the way back to where you messed up.

But when the distraction comes, say in the form of a dog trying to crash its way through a door.

Or a husband looking for an extra pair of eyes or hands.

Maybe someone calls you.

Or whatever.

If you were writing in your head, it stays in the room when you walk out. Gone by the time you get back.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Greatest Ever Haiku or the Greatest Ever Short Story, or Greatest Ever Novella, or Greatest Ever Novel.

Or Greatest Ever Email/Letter.

It’s gone forever, and whatever comes can never be as good.

Greatest Ever Haiku

This poster, advertising a Claude Alexander Conlin (1872-1954) magic show c. 1980-90, (Originally published c.1910-1925) Via State Library Victoria, Will Alma Conjuring Collection

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