March 2023 Progress Report

March 2023 Progress Report

March 2023 was a weekly mess of quiet preperation followed by a frenetic activity followed by prep followed by activity. I left the month almost as exhauted as when I entered it.

Highlights from March 2023

Spent the first week trying to get ahead for a writing workshop, and the seond trying to get ahead for a week’s vacation time. I wasn’t as successful at getting ahead as I’d hoped. It just made me think the nature of burn out, and attempts to overcome it.

I also sorted out my summer and winter wardrobes, I did think about

I did my bit for read an ebook week with a bunch of short romances, so I’ve now read 40 books of my 100 book reading goal – 11 ahead of schedule.

One Sweet ChristmasTango LoveGhosts & GarlandsThe Cottage Next DoorThe RumbaThe Widow’s AuctionStyle Me SexyIn Her DreamsOne Masked NightDear StrangerA Family AffairThe Kissing SeasonA Twist of FateKinfolk IslandsInside Your Japanese Garden


There’s no change on the kanban boards. As I mentioned last month, I’ve found the amount of stuff that needs doing dispiriting, especially in light of the day-to-day business I’ve been trying to get ahead of, so there’s no actual change in the boards.

Finish some of my long-term outstanding items.4.35%I started with 23 sticky notes on the board, with one completed.
Rebrand my businesses.15.79%19 sticky notes, but I know there are more to add as time goes by. Currenlty working on 2, with 3 completed.
Consolidate the online stores.12.82%78 tasks, though again, I know there’s more coming as I fninsh my back log of stories. Some of it requires reformatting the existing books.
Revitalise the websites.0.00%Haven’t fully quantified this as some of it is waiting on the brading, and some comes our of consolidating the stores.

While March 2023 has been an unusual month for doing, I’ve though more about how I could better adapt my usual way of planning to deal with the uncertainty; there’s going to be a lot of that about for at least the next quarter, if not the rest of the year.

More on that in the Q1 review, and Q2 plan.

How was your March 2023?

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