February 2023 Progress Report

February 2023 Progress Report

February 2023 was a month mostly devoted to rebranding and redeveloping my websites. Not that there’s been a great deal to see on this site.

Some of it was even on my Kanban boards.

February 2023

Highlights from February 2023

I admit having to give up on the novella challenge was hard, and I moped for a good part of the month.

Leastways until I started working on the branding, designing logos, looking at colour palettes, typography and thinking what I want visitors to feel.

Plus, I read a lot – up to 24 of my 100 book reading goal, and 6 books ahead of schedule!

Kinfolk TravelThe Lean StartupNovelist as a VocationA Stitch in TimePeaceGrassJapanese Style at HomeThe Personal MBAA Knight in Shining ArmorCompany of OneBallgowns & ButterfliesL’art de la ListeAt Home in Japan

And don’t forget you can get my ebooks at 50% off Smashwords until midnight 11 March pacific time.


Finish some of my long-term outstanding items.4.35%I started with 23 sticky notes on the board, with one completed.
Rebrand my businesses.15.79%19 sticky notes, but I know there are more to add as time goes by. Currenlty working on 2, with 3 completed.
Consolidate the online stores.12.82%78 tasks, though again, I know there’s more coming as I fninsh my back log of stories. Some of it requires reformatting the existing books.
Revitalise the websites.0.00%Haven’t fully quantified this as some of it is waiting on the brading, and some comes our of consolidating the stores.

The kanban is, more or less, a really long to-do list.

As I progressed through February 2023, I found myself demotivated by the length of the list, so now I’m thinking I may have to hide some of them, or just work through one of the projects until it’s done.

How did you get on over February 2023?

And just to remind you (again) you can get my ebooks at 50% off Smashwords until midnight 11 March pacific time.

You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

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