2022 Summer Wardrobe Update

2022 Summer Wardrobe Update

Here in Melbourne, 2022 Summer was more like winter than summer, but none the less, here’s my 2022 Summer Wardrobe Update!

2022 Summer Plan Recap

After trialling “barefoot” shoes, I decided to donate all my heeled shoes to charity, and go barefoot. So my plan was more or less to get by without buying anything new, except shoes, by getting a bunch of stuff altered, for under $1,080.

  • “Barefoot” sandals $220
  • Second pair of “barefoot” sneakers $260
  • Maybe second pair of jeans, $100
  • I was (still am) out of touch on the price of alterations, so I thought $500

2022 Summer Wardrobe Update

So, I didn’t end up getting anything altered, or buying jeans.

But, in the realm of predictable, but unexpected…

Clever girl savaged another pair of slippers and I needed to get some more.

And the drugs that make my skin readily tearable and bruisable helped me get some lovely bruises from my bra’s underwires (stupid drugs), so I needed some without them.

  • A slim floral sundress and belt $299 (what can I say – I fell in love)
  • Two pairs of trackpants $75
  • Three pairs of bike pants $110
  • Four t-shirts $155
  • Socks $145
  • Three soft-cup bras and half a dozen pairs of undies $225
  • Ugg boots $125
  • Two pairs of sandals $342
  • Sneakers, and a pair of boots $185

So big budget blow out at $1,661.

Though it is a new year, I have a new budget, and I got some good wear out of my purchases…

Wardrobe Learnings

Having clothes that fit well, and look good on me makes me very happy. And I’m pretty sure that makes me walk and work faster.

As I tend to wear the same clothes every day, with such a minimal wardrobe, I should consider buying three of everything – one to wear while two are in the wash. Because I’m too lazy to wash every day.

And those big, sweaty weekend walks result in the urgent need to change clothes when we get home.

And I’ve been carrying a bunch of clothes to be altered for several years, so maybe it’s time to consider whether I’m ever going to get round to visiting the dressmaker again. Assuming she’s still there.

How did your Summer 2022 wardrobe pan out?

For more, see my wardrobe planning page.

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