2022 Summer Wardrobe Plan

2022 Summer Wardrobe Plan

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It’s cold and raining outside right now as I start thinking about my 2022 Summer wardrobe plan. I’m well rugged up with layers and layers trying to keep warm.

2021 Summer/2022 Winter Recap

Last Summer I was wearing a lot of black, and found it uncomfortable to wear anything else (after the stroke). Coming out of winter, the situation is similar. Except for the “barefoot” shoes.


During my winter shop, I found clothing to be quite expensive. Thankfully, I bought a black Summer wardrobe in 2020 which I’ve hardly worn.

It’s a bit big right now, but my dressmaker has survived the pandemic, so first I’ll see if I can get some (or all) of it reduced to fit. Though I dread disrobing in her tiny and very very cold fitting room.

And, thanks to some winter purchasing, I have some well fitting socks, bras and undies. Yay!

So I shall think positive and aim for a $1,000 budget.


My weight seems to have stabilised. I’d like to lose a little more, which might be easier coming into salad weather – thus the dressmaker visits.

Since the stroke, I feel more drawn to undistracting plain black clothes, it’s easier to concentrate. I’ve experimented with colours and patterns, but they don’t feel like me anymore. So after the last couple of years, I’m starting to think I might as well embrace the black.

I’ve had a few cancers burned off, so I need to look for more skin coverage, and wear my hats more often. Plus I’m hoping to wear more of the black clothes I already have.


More or less the same building blocks:

  • Colour: black.
  • Pattern: colour blocks.
  • Silhouette: Still liking the 1:3 ratio – short top over long bottom e.g., short top with jeans. Especially with the skinnier waist.
  • Design Line: Fitted to Semi-fitted as and when I have my existing clothes tailored to fit.
  • Texture: Light and Smooth.


My exercise wear is quite loose and baggy now, though in Summer I prefer loose dresses and bike pants and I’m all good there (need to pencil trackpants, t-shirts and fleeces in again for next winter)

As to what I need (aside from clothes that fit):

  • “Barefoot” sandals
  • Second pair of “barefoot” sneakers
  • Maybe a second pair of jeans

Wardrobe Review

I’m fine for outside layers, street hats, and shoes. Also good for dressy occasion outfit (though it will need altering).

Still plenty of black from 2020 – dresses, skirts, pants. Plus some more recent colours. I’ll see how I go with them, and if I can’t mange them I’ll dye them dark.

Shopping Plan

From where I sit, I’m doing okay. Aside from the shoes, I could probably get by without buying anything this season.

  • “Barefoot” sandals $220
  • Second pair of “barefoot” sneakers $260
  • Maybe second pair of jeans, $100
  • I’m out of touch on the price of alterations, so let’s say $500

Total $1080. Which is a bit over the budget, but I will be able to do some of the alterations myself, and may not end up getting the whole lot done anyway.

Feeling good about the season.

How is your Summer 2022 planning coming along?

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