Q1 2023 Review

Q1 2023 Review

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My Q1 2023 review has mixed results. Q1 is supposedly the time of Great Excitement. When you load up with your new goals, and make good progress towards them.

Always assuming you set the kind of goals that can be acted upon…

And if you don’t, it’s a different matter altogether.

2023 Vision

It was another quarter where my “Stephen King Famous” vision wasn’t quite enough to get me moving.

Q1 2023 Plan

Due to the unsettled nature of the year, I decided to set annual goals.

  • Rebrand my businesses.
  • Revitalise the websites.
  • Consolidate the online stores.
  • Finish some of the long-term outstanding items.

With Keystone Activities to support the overall vision.

  • Write at least 50 words each day.
  • Submit 5 stories to high-quality magazines, competitions, awards and anthologies every week.
  • Publish at least one “book” every two months.

And to support this effort, I made up some kanban boards.


I’ve made some progress on rebranding, but don’t want to do too much in the way of consolidating my stores until that’s settled. I still have three quarters to get that sorted out.

Much of my long-term oustanding items relates to publishing activities, so I need to focus on that for the next quarter.

Lessons Learned

Turns out I do better with more structure, as a list of to-dos doesn’t really get me going. The oft quoted homile; failing to plan, is planning to fail, seems particularly apt here.

Not to mention the original recommendation was not to load them up with more than three tasks per column. And as I discovered, when your entire to-do list is represented, it’s a LOT overwhelming.

So the question becomes, how do you manage a hybrid situation? See my Q2 plan to find out.

How has your Q1 2023 review turned out?

For more, see the Project Life Worth Living page.

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