This time of year, liquidambar leaves are falling, though I only just noticed them.

I mentioned before, that we take Clever Girl to the local park every day.

With the recent lockdown over, the streets are starting to get back to normal, seeing more cars, and dogs and people.

It’s still mostly peaceful though the smells of washing and cooking aren’t always welcome (we walk before breakfast so she’s got a reason to hurry home).

Nor are the walks as still and silent as they were, (though the weather is keeping less dedicated walkers indoors.

But after the storms the other day, I noticed the liquidambar trees are dropping their leaves.

Red and yellow and orange.

I noticed liquidambar leaves all across the footpath and road, like stars in the night sky.

And gone the next day, as the homeowner swept them away.

Just the memory remains.

liquidambar leaves

This photo of multicolored foliage of Liquidambar styraciflua tree
by simonapavan via depositphotos

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