We take Clever Girl to the park every day. We get up early, because she’s still young and active – if I want a quiet day to get things done, it’s what I have to do.

Usually we see cars and people.

But more recently, it’s been a silent walk in the park.

Only the occasional sighting of a dog in the distance.

Butm we have another lockdown in Melbourne. People are staying home, and presumably tucked up tight in bed.

There’s no smells of shower taking or breakfast cooking.

No sounds of cars, morning radio, or parents fighting with tardy children.

It’s a peaceful morning interlude. Just me, the dog, the husband, and the magpies. Before strolling home again.

And then we get started by tuning in the radio to catch up with the Covid news. It’s pretty scary, though not as scary as in other places,

We have more than 60 cases of the fast moving káppa variant (previously known as Indian), across more than 350 exposure sites, and we’re seeing cases spreading through fleeting contact with strangers.

At least we’re allowed to exercise with another person for up to two hours. Unless you’re jogging, you have to wear a mask.

Silent walk in the park

This photo of Frank and Augusta Preston (with dog) c. 1870.
Photographer J. Hubert Newman via State Library Victoria.

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