NBN Outages

NBN Outages

Over the last few days we’ve seen been severe storms and power outages across Vicoria. Some people have been warned not to expect the power back on until June 17th.

There’s been trees down and widespread flooding.

And if that’s not bad enough, we’ve been warned the storms are doubling back on themselves.

We’ve been fortunate; we had a “mini” storm, with associated power outages so we had time to clean up before the big one.

But, we were forced onto the National Broadbad Network last year, and that’s down. We have no idea when it will be back up.

Our only access to the internet is through the mobile phone network, and fortunately we can recharge our phones.

No idea when we’ll be up again. Or when this might get through.

So for all my Victorian friends, stay warm and stay safe.

And we will too. It might be a good time to catch up with my reading.

For eveyone else, I’ll see you when I see you…

NBN outages

This photo of a bunch of servers by Massimo Botturi on Unsplash,

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