Tell your fear “Silenzio Bruno!”

Tell your fear “Silenzio Bruno!”
Silenzio Bruno
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I recently watched Luca, a Disney movie about two young sea monsters meeting humans in search of a Vespa.

Among other things, Alberto (one of the monsters) tells Luca (the other monster) that the voice of his fear belongs to someone called Bruno. His role is to stop him doing anything interesting. That when he’s afraid of doing new things, that he should tell it “Silenzio Bruno,” and do it anyway.

And Luca does, challenging himself through a variety of physical and mental tasks (no spoiler alert required).

But it got me thinking.

I do something similar myself. Challenging myself to overcome my fears; going to the dentist, clicking the publish key on this blog or getting needles.

But I rather like the idea of giving my inner voice a name. Though in my case, I think something like Edna might be a better name. Not so much Silenzio Bruno as Silenzio Edna.

Though Andrea Featherstone calls her voice Clive.

Edna is generally more interested in protecting me from the disapprobation of the moral majority. And preventing me from doing anything that might cause a scandal on one sort or another.

Perhaps in another universe, Edna is a nun.

Edna’s voice has grown quieter as I’ve grow older. Perhaps because I’m less visible and relevant to younger people so I have less to risk. Or maybe she’s mellowed as she’s aged and become a little too fond of a little drink or two.

My risk profile has definitely changed; more health risks and less reputational risks, so maybe that’s why Edna’s grown so quiet. Even I have to admit there is a lot I need to do for that, and I just do it.

But I think, I’ll start telling myself Silenzio Edna, and you should try Silenzio Bruno. Unless your voice tells you it has another name. Like Clive for example.

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