February 2019 Progress Review

February 2019 Progress Review

And already February 2019 has passed. I mentioned last month that it would be interesting to see how the record heat/climate change would affect election campaigns, and the major parties are already off and running.

My local member sent me a postcard to tell me that he (personally) had secured $15m to build an extra 500 free car parking spaces at my local train station. Though I am stuffed if I know how he’s going to do that without building a multilevel facility. An idea that raises more issues than it solves. Mind you, with the way things are going around here, he’ll probably lose his seat and the spaces won’t happen anyway.

And hilariously, I can’t tell you where I’m up to on some of my targets, because I ran out of tracking print outs and didn’t get round to printing more. All set to go for March though.

Daily Energy
• Not eat processed/manufactured food where possible.
• Walk 10,000 steps.
• Sleep 8 hours.
69.5 kg

🙂 68.8 kg
Aside from choosing less here and there, I haven’t done much to reduce salt or sugar, but I am mostly managing to not eat “junk” processed foods.

My step counts are irregular, but I am gradually incorporating more movement. And generally getting 7 – 9 hours sleep at night on my lovely new mattress. And managing my fluid retention better.

I read The Plant Paradox, and while I don’t agree with all of it, I’ve been experimenting. It’s fascinating the way what you eat affects your wellbeing.
Daily Focus
• Write 1,800 saleable words.
• Turn off the computer by 7 pm.
🙂🙂Saleable words fluctuate wildly but might average out at 1,800 a day. I’m still trying to develop a routine that works, but I have set up a tracking file, identified some fiction markets, and submitted a bunch of stories for sale.

DB showed me Knut Haanaes TED Talk about balancing exploration and exploitation, and I’ve found it a useful framework for thinking about my business.

For the most part, my computer is shutdown by 7. I’m actually quite proud of that. I’m starting to get in the swing of things.

And thought about how to make a bad day better.
Weekly Friendship
• Connect with someone (other than DB) by phone, mail or in person.
 🙂🙂One of my lunches got cancelled, but I have a few email conversations on the go.

Thought about a Bushfire Dinner Party, and making a difference.
Daily Prosperity

• Find three things bout
 being alive to appreciate.
• Find three things about being a (prolific) writer to appreciate.
 🙂🙂There was a lot to appreciate about being alive in February 2019.

Including how beautiful the new doors are now they’re in. All we have to do is keep the cockatoos away from them!

And my hair seems to be growing out fast, so hopefully this ugly phase won’t last long.

Not to mention being your own boss, and selling your own books. Or keeping them.
Daily Wisdom
• Read 50 pages of a book each day.
🙂🙂I’ve slowed down a bit on the reading, but I’m still ahead of schedule!

According to my February 2019 productivity journal, I haven’t got as much done as I wanted. No surprise there as I am generally more ambitious about what I can achieve than is actually possible. Though there is also an element of choosing to do things that aren’t on my list. And spending more time on them than I should. Though I gave myself some merit stickers, so it’s not all bad!

How was your February? Are you settling into 2019 well

You can find more monthly reports on the Project Worthwhile Life page.

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