The Benefit of a Good Night’s Sleep

The Benefit of a Good Night’s Sleep

We recently replaced our old worn out mattresses. Not before time, because you can’t beat a good night’s sleep.

They’ve had a decade of good solid use. And they’ve probably seen the rise and fall of a civilisation or two of bacteria and other creatures. Who probably got a better night’s sleep than we did.

The mattresses are mostly made of synthetics. There’s plenty of time for them to invent space travel and rocket out of their universe into ours before the mattresses dissolve back into the planet.

That’s assuming the creatures survive. We’ve sent the mattresses to a place that reconditions them and sends them for women’s refuges and homeless shelters.

Aside from the creatures, there were bits of lumpy somethingness in there where the layers have worn or budged, broken springs and bent frayed edges.

It’s amazing, when you think about it, the kinds of things you get used to, a little at a time, over a long period of time.

But our new mattresses are futon style, made of all natural materials. It’s early days yet, but I’m surprised at how comfortable they are. Not to mention that they smell comfortingly like lanolin (not staleness). In fact, the smell reminds me of my childhood blankie, which doesn’t hurt a bit.

haiku good nights sleep

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This image is part of a State Library Victoria collection of glass lantern slides. They feature the same woman having assorted religious dreams including the holy city, the crucifixion and hosts of angels. And I have to be honest and say that most of them give me nightmares just thinking about them.

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