Signature Wardrobe Working from Home Outfit

Signature Wardrobe Working From home outfit
Clifden Farm and Try Boys Home (Wedderburn). Matron in her office c. 1920 via State Library Victoria

One of the outfits that has vexed me for some time is a Signature Wardrobe Working from Home Outfit. For me at least, it’s going to be similar to the outfit for office work, because that is essentially what I am doing. It’s going to be a very relaxed outfit, but it should still be appropriate for a workplace that is outside the home if only to get you into the right head space for work.


Even though you are at home, for most of the year you will probably be using your home heating and cooling. If you are attempting to make a living, you should set up a dedicated workspace and take account of its particular conditions. For example, my workspace gets afternoon sun and is brighter and warmer in the afternoon than the morning.

Most people who work from home do a lot of sitting, interspersed with reaching, occasional filing, and some wandering about. And because you are home, there will be times where you take a break and put on a load of washing, shoo off wildlife, or duck down to the shops for some milk.


I am very well aware that the temptation is to just to take your coffee to your desk and sit down in your pyjamas to start work. But, as I have mentioned previously, your clothes need to:

This is probably the most important aspect of dressing for work when you don’t leave your home. You need to dress in a way that tells you that you are selling your brain power for money. You need to remind yourself that you are a professional, clear thinking operative with deadlines to meet.

And I’m afraid that requires an amount of formality in your clothing that is distinctly different to the clothes you wear for your housework, leisure, and yard work. But having said that, depending on what kind of dresser you are usually, there might be some elements in common.


While I do still have suits hanging up in my closet, I won’t wear them to work from home. For one thing, they would be covered in dog hair in an instant, and I don’t see clients here anyway. If you have a separate office and do see clients, you could consider a formal suit, business casual approach of pants (skirt) and collared shirt, or business relaxed with khaki pants (skirt) and a polo shirt. In fact, the business relaxed would be a good basic outfit for working from home in any case.

Many women in service industries wear a version of a loosely fitted sheath dress. Depending on the fabric and fit, these are practical and comfortable, and easy to care for. Of course, you probably won’t get something from a uniform shop, but bear it in mind as something that might put you in a working head space.


You should absolutely put some on.


I don’t wear shoes inside my house, though when it’s cooler, I do wear slippers to keep my feet warm. There is something about putting on an outfit on that demands a pair of shoes, and I certainly would not be taking them off in an office I shared with other people, so there is a headology case for wearing them at home. Perhaps some simple ballet flats.


If like me, you take all your jewellery off when you get home, I think you have to put it all on to go to work. Even when it’s just ten steps from the kitchen.


Absolutely have a shower, fix your hair and makeup.

Wrap Up

For me right now, an outfit for working from home looks like a simple shift dress. I’ve been wearing dresses for most of the year, and I’m still hooked on them. I think I could stand to get another one.

You might also want to look at Warm Outfits when you’re working from home.

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