September 2016 Progress Report

September 2016 Progress Report

September 2016 Collage with tulips, irses, congee

September 2016 feels like a missing month. There was managing August fallout, physically as well as mentally. And that’s about it.

Virtue August September Notes
beauty: body
Weight ≤ 61 kg by 10 October


66.0 kg


64.1 kg

I’m happy to have dropped some weight, and it was really hard work. It’s much easier to put it on, so I guess the best way to lose it, is not to put it on in the first place! Mind you, I had my first “proper” cold since the transplant during which I mostly slept and ate chicken soup so I expect that helped a great deal.
beauty: presence
build a practical and workable wardrobe that reflects who I am


🙂 Tried purple hair this month, and I like it! Sounds weird, but I think it looks more natural than the blue. Inspired by my own shopping trip, I described an Outfit for Shopping.
beauty: home
sparse yet comfortable happy home that reflects our authentic selves


🙂 We’ve had a few bright sunny days and having opened all the doors and windows to air out the house I’m feeling happier. I’ve even started a list of jobs for the next couple of months. I need to do a little decorating and replace some furniture before I can start inviting people around again.
beauty: garden
lush and abundant garden providing habitats, weather protection and a mystical threshold


🙂 I haven’t been to the indigenous garden centre yet, but there has been some replanting. I’m delighted we haven’t lost anything to the recent storms.
friendship: creatures

  • get the dogs well and healthy
  • develop habitats to support native species


🙂 With all being good in the garden, there are lots of begging birds lined up on the balustrade.

My poor doggies are getting old. Pretty boy has started old man grunting when he curls up on his cushion.

friendship: friends

  • maintain and improve relationships with international and e- friends
  • make new friends (especially local)


🙂 After last month, I’ve started booking in some ongoing lunches and catch ups with friends.

Suggested a Dinner Party for Pirates, and offered Anger Management advice.

friendship: contribution
give something back to the community and the planet


🙂 This month I made a tiny donation towards a micro-loan through Kiva. I wanted to remind myself that as bad as I sometimes think things are here, there are others who are much worse off than me.
pleasure: adventure
taking risks, international vacations and just doing stuff


😐 This month’s big adventure was to the tulip farm for the Tulip Festival. During which time it became apparent that I really need to spend more time with people, and less time alone. Especially in places where there are a lot of people that try my patience.
pleasure: recharge
rest, relax, recharge

  • turn off the computer by 9 pm
  • read two books per month


😐 I’d say mostly recharging this month.

Getting the cold suggested to me that I need to be a little more gentle with my expectations about what I can achieve (refocusing). I am only one person. Perhaps I need to draw on other people more for help now and again, but I also need to set up some systems for getting things done.

wisdom: choice
having the capacity to make choices


 🙂 This month I chose to sleep. I don’t mean naps on the couch, I mean drawing the curtains and going back to bed.  I chose to ignore the chores mounting up. I chose to ignore the work that needed to be done. And if you were looking, I chose to skip a few blog posts too.

I am choosing to focus on editing Holistic Personal Finance in October. I’m looking forward to it.

wisdom: growth

  • become a more complex person by challenging my beliefs
  • developing my mind and having the courage of my convictions
  • choosing me for me


🙂 This month I shrunk in some ways and grew in others. There is a line there somewhere, but I’m not sure where it is. I do know that it’s a grey blurry one.

And I seem to have sorted out my coding and website issues, which is such a relief. But I have lost my site ranking which is not so great. Swings and roundabouts. It defies all logic that I got spam comments while my website was down.

wealth: income
$12,000 income


🙂 I read a blog post by Dean Wesley Smith, and he reminded me that every time I sell a book, I’m not actually selling a book. What happens, is that someone puts their faith in me, and they put their hand in their pocket and pull out their hard earned money to take my advice.

So while I haven’t yet calculated my August royalties, I can say that people in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Brazil put their faith in me. I’m very grateful.

wealth: expenditure
reduce expenditure


🙂 No major purchases in September 2015! I did buy a black tartan shirt and puffer vest. And shared my thoughts about Wealth Management for retirement.

My productivity journal entries for September 2015 are either website rants, or not there (because I was sleeping). I feel really quite positive about October.

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How was your September? Let me know how in the comments below.

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