Signature Wardrobe Valentines Day Outfit
Heart shaped valentine card compiled by Elizabeth Severne (d. 1902) via State Library Victoria

Today’s Signature Wardrobe Valentines Day Outfit is something to wear on a dinner date rather than something to commemorate the Christian Saint Valentinus.


You’ll probably be indoors in a climate controlled restaurant – hopefully, a fancy one! There will be a little walking and a lot of sitting.


I’m going to suggest a level of sexiness brought about by comfort and confidence in what you are wearing. By which I mean you don’t feel the constant need to keep adjusting your clothes:

  • Tugging the hem down, or
  • Pulling the “neck” up, or
  • Twitching the waist.

I’d encourage a level of mystique brought about by clothes that conceal as well as reveal because sometimes imagination can be better than cold hard daylight. For example:

  • A long slim fitting dress with a side split to dazzle your date with a bit of leg as they help you out of the car.
  • A seven veils effect with flirty layers and ruffles. Or maybe a slim wiggle skirt that forces you to take smaller steps.
  • A slim wiggle skirt that forces you to take smaller steps.

Common Valentine’s colours are red and pink. If it suits you, you could wear black, but given it’s a day of seduction where women are traditionally permitted to ask a man to marry them you might want to appear a little less severe.

Patterns include hearts, florals (especially roses) and novelty prints. Maybe an animal print if it’s a feline (definitely not zebra).


The bulk of your evening will be spent sitting opposite your date, so you’ll need to focus the interest above the waist. I love a dress with a high neckline and a very low back, but the effect will be wasted on your date as they will barely see it. Something with lace will add visual interest, as will an old-fashioned corset-like string of ties. You might prefer something with one shoulder, or that sits off the shoulders.


It’s up to you where your date ends, and therefore what level of underwear you put on. I’m going to suggest the fancier end of the spectrum as you may not want to be caught in your enormous Bridget Jones underpants. And avoid Spanx-like slimming and smoothing undergarments…


It’s fairly well documented that heels change your centre of gravity. They tilt your body forward, and you lean back to compensate; arching your back, pushing your chest and pelvis forward, tightening your calves and pushing your bum further out the back.  They do harm your body over time, but we wear them because they force us to walk in a way that we think looks sexy. Try not to take them off under the table.


Sparkly or dangly earrings can help keep attention focussed on your face, while a brooch or bold long necklace can attract it to your other assets. A bracelet may attract interest to your lips as you smooth your hair back. Don’t wear them all at once, pick the one that will work the best with your usual mannerisms.


I’d recommend that you wear your makeup a little stronger than you would normally as you will be in a darker setting. Commonly this would be a bold smoky eye, and maybe some red glitter lipstick. Why not try a heart-shaped bow lip instead.

For your hair, I’d suggest an up-do (sleek or a little wild according to your taste), perhaps with a single curl escaping confinement. And you can’t go past a sparkly headband or clip for focus. Though if you go for sparkle in your hair, reduce it elsewhere to compensate.

Wrap Up

A Valentine’s dinner date isn’t any more special than any other kind of dinner date, so don’t go overboard buying stuff you can’t incorporate into your wardrobe. And if you do find the perfect piece, make sure you get a lot of wear from it while you love it – don’t save it for special.

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