Signature Wardrobe Christmas Party Outfit

Signature Wardrobe Christmas Party Outfit
Signature Wardrobe Christmas Party Outfit
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I’ve been asked a couple of times now, what would make a good Signature Wardrobe Christmas Party Outfit. On the one hand, a perfectly reasonable request, and on the other, a complete nightmare given the different kinds of Christmas Party you could be attending.

So for today, it’s just going to be a smart casual outfit – the kind that is more of a relaxed formal than formal casual. Not as formal as your Race Meeting Outfit, something along the lines of your Unveiling Outfit only less sombre. The kind of thing that you could wear to a fancy restaurant as well.


A smart casual affair (perhaps your office Christmas Dinner) is more likely to be held indoors – one of those big hotel ballrooms, though here in Australia you may be in a marquee. There will be standing, sitting, eating, and if it’s the right kind of party, a bit of frenetic dancing as well!


You could wear Christmas colours or even Christmas themed dresses, but if it’s a Signature Wardrobe kind of outfit, it’s going to the be in the colours and styles that make you happy. No problem for me – I love red!

Depending on your career plans and promotional prospects, you might like more or less coverage, though you may also prefer something that won’t ride up, slip down, or gape in unfortunate places.


I’m going to go ahead and suggest a dress, because these days people always interpret them as more formal (and not for Dog Walking)! And you can get the perfect dress for every occasion – body fit, necklines, sleeve lengths, and hem lengths come in almost every possible variation. And if you have a good dressmaker you can have them altered or made to measure. You can also get a range of fibres suitable for all climates.

And if the dress is to be a genuine part of your wardrobe, you would be best to make it something that is not too distinctive so that you can “disguise” it with different accessories.


Definitely! If you like to dance a lot, you could consider a sports bra for support, but make sure you wear it when trying on your dress to be sure it won’t show.


If you are mainly sitting, or wear them all the time and are very comfortable in them, go for the high heels. If you will be standing or dancing, you might prefer something lower.


I’m pretty sure you can’t go past a Christmas earring, or maybe a brooch with flashing lights. You could definitely go a bit blingy, but if you plan on dancing, you might prefer something smaller that won’t give you a concussion or tear your earlobe off.


This is probably time for something a bit fancier than your signature hairdo. An updo often appears more formal than loose, so consider visiting a salon for something special.

Plus makeup that’s not going to melt off your face or end up on your clothes, and a stronger more intimate fragrance if you are planning some slow dancing with your best boy.

Wrap Up

If you are a little worried about being seen in the same outfit at every party, you can do what I do and exclaim in surprise “but it’s my favourite – why wouldn’t I want to wear my favourite?” An unanswerable question if ever there was one. Though it’s unlikely that anyone will comment.


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