Q2 2023 Plan

Q2 2023 Plan

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Moving onto the Q2 2023 plan, I feel more hopeful about achieving something by the end of the year.

Usually, Q2 is the Time of Great Forgetting. In the Northern Hemisphere summer is on it’s way, and goals just get buried under a load of summer related activities. It’s not that different down here – the footy season has already started.

And the good news, is we have a construction commencement window, so at least we have that small amount of certainty.

2023 Vision

Still going with the “Stephen King Famous” vision.

Q2 2023 Plan

Following on from the Q1 review the overall plan remains the same.

  • Rebrand my businesses.
  • Revitalise the websites.
  • Consolidate the online stores.
  • Finish some of the long-term outstanding items.

However, this quarter I’ll be focusing on publishing, so my Keystone Activities will change.

  • Write at least 50 words each day.
  • Publish fifteen “books” each month.

Planning Notes

This is where the kanban boards fit in with the plan. I’ve taken a mix of short stories, collections and novellas off the annual plan, and arranged them into months. Hopefully balancing the workload through the months.

I hope the monthly plans work out, and assume it can’t be worse than not having a plan at all.

I’m not fond of the expression “Time will tell,” but we really will have to wait and see on that one.

Have you made your Q2 2023 Plan?

For more, see the Project Life Worth Living page.

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