How to Build an Outfit When You Want To Be Left Alone

How to Build an Outfit When You Want To Be Left Alone
Outfit When You Want To Be Left Alone
Miss Patricia Reynolds, First Deputy La Trobe Librarian. 29 March 1965. Photograph by the State Library of Victoria’s photographer Leonie Mills, at the official opening of the La Trobe Library, State Library of Victoria. Not that I’m suggesting she was unapproachable, but she looks like she’s got business to attend to.

Now and again, it happens that you don’t want to be bothered by other people. You want to focus, get things done, or are rushing. So today, we’re looking at building an outfit for when you want to be left alone.

You could simply disguise yourself, refuse to bathe and wear dirty clothes, or my recommendation; adopt a more severe style of dress.


Normally I wouldn’t suggest you buy clothes you won’t wear, so the most practical outfit will be suitable for all seasons, locations and activities that you might reasonably do.


This will most likely be an outfit that will make you uncomfortable when you look at it because it’s not who you are. The more approachable you are, the worse it will be because the basic idea is to scare people off. You may have to practice a more a serious demeanour, a really good resting bitch face, or channel the Ghostbusters ghost librarian. And you may also need a straight upright posture and walk with a firm but fast walking pace.


Choose clothes made from stiffer fabrics, in dark, sombre colours, and avoid patterns that aren’t sharply delineated (choose stripes instead of florals). The more structured your clothes are, the less approachable you seem – think about the difference between a pencil skirt with fitted jacket and a boho top with broomstick skirt and flowing cardigan. Or tailored rather than wide leg pants.


Similarly, highly polished structured shoes with moderately high heels seem less approachable than soft ones with low or very high heels. Something like a plain pump screams “no-nonsense”.


Smallish discreet earrings (not jangly dangly ones) and perhaps some stern spectacles. Your handbag should be small, unembellished and efficient, something like a lady’s briefcase or satchel. Avoid large, shapeless and decorated bags that will contradict your clothes and shoes. You could also consider a string of pearls or pearl-like beads.


Smoothe, sleek hair, perhaps go all the way with a bun, chignon or pleat – no loose ends!

Discreet “natural” makeup. You could consider an in your face fragrance to stop people mid-approach, but something astringent as you pass by may be more bearable for you.

Wrap Up

This outfit is more or less an extreme professional outfit. If you saw this well dressed and groomed woman marching towards you, you’d almost be unable to prevent yourself getting out of her way. She looks like the kind of woman who uses few, but well-chosen words and the deity of your choice help you if you get in her way!

Would this plan meet your needs? Have I missed anything you think is more important?


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