Little Seal Pup

Little Seal Pup

We managed to get away and took Clever Girl for a long walk along the beach. While we were there, we saw a little seal pup.

As we walked, we saw a big black lump on the sand, and I wondered if it was a dead seal.

Mainly because we’ve met dead seals on the beach before, and Pretty Girl was always fond of rolling in a dead carcass when she saw it – didn’t matter whether it was a seal or sea bird, she didn’t care.

“I hope that’s not a dead thing,” I said, trying to figure out if I could get ahead of Clever Girl and keep her distracted enough to leave it alone as we passed it by.

Or stop her eating/rolling in it.

But it turned out not to be dead, but very much alive!

Which startled Clever Girl, making her jump away. Far enough, for long enough, for the little seal pup to make a fair bit of headway towards the surf.

The seal got cleanly away into the water, swimming away, but close enough to the shore to surf back, taunting the dog.

We dragged the dog away.

But as we left, I looked back at the little seal pup, and I swear it was disappointed. I felt as though it wanted to play with Clever Girl in the sea.

Shame Clver Girl was a little afraid of the surf.

Little Seal Pup

Little Seal Pup, photo by Me!

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