Collage of June 2016 including Alex, Stress Free Dinner Parties, Pretty Boy and a rose from the garden.

June 2016 has been a difficult month. I’m not sure what the problem was, but it was a one step forward two steps back kind of month. Maybe it was as simple as the last push to finish a project when you just want it done and don’t really care how it gets done. Or maybe it’s cabin fever and I need to get out more.

beauty: body
Weight ≤61kg by 11 July


64.3 kg



63.4 kg

Dropped a little weight but probably would have dropped more had I not rediscovered of Maltesers. Not enough for next week’s clinic appointment. I’m feeling really tired, and I don’t seem to be able to get anything done.
beauty: presence
build a practical and workable wardrobe that reflects who I am


🙂Finally got a new bathrobe and a fancy new winter hat (yay!). Happily, I discovered that while my “pashmina” makes a crap wrap, it makes an excellent scarf. And I reminded you that a cardigan is not always a cardigan, and offered advice for building an outfit for office work.


I experimented with perfumes and chose a new one to replace the old one they don’t make anymore (so glad that’s done with). I got my hair cut, and it’s moving in a direction I like. Just the colour to sort out…

beauty: home
sparse yet comfortable happy home that reflects our authentic selves


😐My procrastination bout is resulting in piles of things that need to be put away building up about the place (I’ve already lamented my loss of control). It’s one of the downsides of open plan living.
beauty: garden
lush and abundant garden providing habitats, weather protection and a mystical threshold


🙂The roses are done, but the bulbs are taking off. The fragrance of jonquils fits you in the face when you open the front door. Daffodils are coming into bud, and the tulips and hyacinths are poking out of the ground. We planted heaps around the driveway last year, but they aren’t coming up yet – I don’t know if we planted them too late or if they just don’t like the location.
friendship: creatures


  • get the dogs well and healthy
  • develop habitats to support native species


🙂We heard a new creature, and got all excited because I thought it was a Barking Owl. But a few days later we heard the call during the day, and when DB rushed to check it turned out to be a fox! Foxes were released in Australia in the early 1800s for recreational purposes (hunting). On the one hand, quite concerning this close to a National Park, but on the other hand, they do eat mice and rabbits (also introduced). And they probably eat fewer birds than the four neighbourhood cats that used to swan about in my garden. Though of course, I am sure there will be fox cubs at some point soon.
friendship: friends


  • maintain and improve relationships with international and e- friends
  • make new friends (especially local)


🙂Met Katy for lunch (which was nice) but had a toasted prosciutto and provolone sandwich made with brioche (a sweetened bread for those who don’t know) which was not.


And then I met some other Katys who I haven’t seen for ages too. It turns out to have been quite a social month.

And I offered suggestions for a gluten free dinner party.

friendship: contribution
give something back to the community and the planet


🙂How that my garden guy has found the lid of my compost bin, I have started filling it up again. And while my lemon tree might have died, I shared my lemonade recipe.
pleasure: adventure
taking risks, international vacations and just doing stuff


🙂I ate some deep fried garlic and chilli crickets this month. My verdict – very chilli! And crunchy. A bit like deep fried whitebait, only crickets. Interesting, but a little hard to ignore the fact that they are crickets. I’m not sure I could eat them all the time, but the look of fascinated horror on DB’s face was worth it!


And I shared my first public haiku.

pleasure: recharge
rest, relax, recharge


  • turn off the computer by 9 pm
  • read two books per month


😐For the most part, I am still managing to turn the computer off, but having had a number of days out this month I’ve been working late trying to catch up more often that I would really like.


Despite my adventures in morning routines, I am not reading as much as I would like – the secret to a good morning routine is to finish it before you turn your computer on.

wisdom: choice
having the capacity to make choices


 🙂This was the month for choosing not to put things off any longer. The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting cooler than average days and nights across southern Australia through to September, so it seemed more prudent to buy all those winter essentials. I am really appreciating them, so while I feel profligate, I am also luxuriating in them.
wisdom: growth


  • become a more complex person by challenging my beliefs
  • developing my mind and having the courage of my convictions
  • choosing me for me


🙂There was the tail end of the Work by Design Summit, and the key upshot seems to be knowing your purpose so that you don’t waste any effort on things that don’t take you where you want to go.


And just in case I was lonely, this was followed by the Self Publishing Success Summit which was less useful for me as it was more about the how and why of writing a book, and less about how to manage your writing business and make enough money to live on! But the key seems to be slow and steady wins the race in combination with the snowball effect. Maybe writing lots of small books very quickly.

And to round out the online summit season, the Book Business and Brand Building Summit. Sadly for me I missed a lot of the branding sessions I was interested in, but those I did see appeared to be geared towards the book as business card market. Though the sessions on authenticity resonated with me.

This month I finally decided that I will not buy an A4 diary again. I don’t have a big desk, or a constant need to check it to see what’s going on, so it’s back to A5 for me. The system I used to use costs more to post than to buy, so I spent a happy weekend making up diary pages.

wealth: income
$29,163 income


🙂One more tiny royalties payment – 0.02% of target. Now up to 2.52%. I think it might be a while before I can live on book proceeds. Though Stress Free Dinner Parties went on sale in paperback this month, so maybe there’ll be a rush in the northern hemisphere!
wealth: expenditure
reduce expenditure


🙂Just winter woollies this month.

According to my productivity journal,I have spent most of the month frustrated and annoyed by things (particularly crashing and rebuilding my website). I give myself stickers to celebrate when things go well and I only have three this month!

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If you had any stand out moments in June, cheer me up by leaving them in the comments below.


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