2021 Winter Wardrobe Plan

2021 Winter Wardrobe Plan
2021 Signature Wardrobe Winter Plan
unidentified woman standing in the snow at Mt Buffalo, c.1900-1930.
Photo by Alice manfield (1878 – 1960) via State Library Victoria

Maybe it’s just me and the kidney failure induced anaemia, but I’ve been freezing for what seems like ever. And therefore, thinking about lots of warm layers for my 2021 Signature Wardrobe Winter Plan.

2021 Winter Wardrobe Plan

As I mentioned during my 2020 Summer planning, I had a stroke last year, and now I can’t filter out the distraction of coloured and patterned clothing. Basic black clothes allow my body to retreat into the background, and I find it less stressful.

I still think it’s a bit funny that after years of refusing to wear black because everyone else was, now I can’t really do distinctive. I guess you can start calling me Steve.


Say $500.


Must be WARM!!!


More or less the same building blocks:

  • Colour: black.
  • Pattern: none.
  • Silhouette: My favourite is a 3:2 ratio – long top over a long bottom (e.g. tunic over jeans.
  • Design Line: Semi-fitted.
  • Texture: Light and Smooth.


We’ve been walking Clever Girl every morning, and because she’s so active, some evenings too. On the one hand, it’s great to have slimmed down a bit, on the other, it’s time to buy new clothes.

On top of the ones I bought for Summer.

I haven’t had my Covid vaccination yet, so I can’t go out and don’t need to worrry too much about “good” clothes.

But the main thing is warmth, so fleece lined is the probably the way to go.

Wardrobe Review

Unfortunately, the dresses, jumpers, and beanies I bought last year, were coloured and patterned. They’ve been put away in case I can get back to them. Which is a shame as I particularly loved the dresses. I’ll have to see if I can find something similar.

My fleece-lined track pants might last another year, but the jeans weren’t as warm as I’d hoped so another pair of those might be in order.

Shopping Plan

More black. Blessed be the black.

  • 1 fleece-lined jeans maybe $100
  • 2 fleece-lined track pants $50
  • 2 fleece-lined dresses $150
  • 2 warm fleece jackets or coats $50
  • contingency $150

How is your Winter 2020 planning coming along?

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