2019 Transplantiversary

2019 Transplantiversary
2019 Transplantiversary
Corowa Pastoral, Agricultural and Horticultural Society First Prize Certificate, 1919.
(Awarded to Agnes Nestor (1895 – 1982) for oil painting, animal study).
Turns out she was a photographer based near where I live now.
Agnes Nestor and George Doig collection via State Library Victoria

It’s the 2019 Transplantiversary already – number eight.

As I mentioned in the mid-year review, my transplant is deteriorating, and if I’m good, I’ll get at least another five years from it. On the bright side, my original disease process hasn’t recurred. The deterioration is mainly caused by:

  • The kidney’s age when transplanted,
  • That the tissue match was adequate, rather than “good”,
  • That the immune suppression dose was not lower,
  • My age, and
  • My lifestyle.

While I’m trying to be good it’s not really showing as my weight continues to increase and I become more sensitive to sodium. I’m not fond of getting all high maintenance and asking for no added salt when I order at restaurants.

But I am really tired of carrying the extra weight. It continues to astonish me that I can add or subtract a kilo overnight depending on what I eat.

Teeth are all good though! As are my eyes, colon, breasts and lady bits.

And I’m happy with my hair and comfortable with my presence. Though my skincare leaves a bit to be desired.

Didn’t publish a book this year, unless you count my Planning Calendar (and I don’t because I developed it for me). But I wrote 41 short stories, and was long-listed for some competitions. I’m partway through a long story (I call it a long story because calling it a novel makes it more scary).

We really have nearly finished the bathroom renovation – there’s just some closeout tasks to do.

I’m happier this time than last year, but still looking at eating, sleeping and moving better.

So, here on my 2019 Transplantiversary, I feel this year of life has been worth living for my kidney donor.

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