The Joy in Matching Beanies

The Joy in Matching Beanies

The other day, I saw a young couple wearing matching beanies on the train. He had his arm around her, and she was nestled into his armpit, leaning her head on his shoulder. She titled her head up to him, and he leaned across and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

It’s a cute thing, isn’t it? By accident or design, people who love each other, start to look like each other. Or, I guess, both by accident and design.

When your relationship is new, and you want to live inside each other’s skin, you choose to wear things that look the same. The same jeans, or t-shirts, sneakers or boots.

Matching beanies…

And sometimes friends and family help out by gifting items or garments that are the same but different. Or just the same.

It might be a bit of fun, or it might be a sweet gesture – you can never really tell when it’s you getting the matching beanies.

As you get older, and your relationship develops, your tastes start to merge. You start to like the same things; tv shows, cocktails, museums. It gets easier to choose paint colours, and furniture and front doors.

And sometimes, you still wear matching beanies.

they got off the train wearing matching black beanies OMG so cute
photo credit: Guido Klumpe Let’s go Home after shopping via photopin (license)

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