2019 Signature Wardrobe Summer Update

2019 Signature Wardrobe Summer Update
2019 Signature Wardrobe Summer Update

I know that technically, Summer has just ended, and it’s time for the 2019 Signature Wardrobe Summer Update, but the weather has been cool and wet and I’m already thinking about Winter.

And pretty much the entire clothing season has left me irritable!

Though I did get some nice clothes, so it was really just the shopping and the shoes.

2019 Summer Plan Recap

My 2019 Summer Plan was slightly different tack from previous years:

  1. Given I work from home, I focused on house clothes, instead of a mix of street and house clothes.
  2. And I worked with “costumes,” in the sense of a tv/movie character’s costume that represents aspects of their character.

I had two characters to shop for:

  • A full-time self-employed writer/editor/graphic artist who works from home; sitting, standing, pacing. Usually seen at home in track pants and t-shirts, and outside in jeans and woven tunics. Neither of these works well with compression tights, so she needed to revamp her look.
  • A part-time housekeeper/gardener/handyman who keeps the household running. Her “uniform” was a semi-fitted cotton-linen blend dress.

For my $1,000 budget, I planned:

  1. Undies ($100)
  2. Adjustable flat shoes/sandals for days when my feet are very swollen ($150)
  3. A dress or two ($125 each)
  4. Space for something unplanned and amazing to present itself, say $200.
  5. Provision for exchange rate madness, overspend (etc.) $150.

2019 Summer Plan Update



  • Undies: $50 worth of experimentation, then $135 worth of updates – total $185. New Freya Active sports bra is very comfortable.
  • Shoes: Sandals $160
  • Dresses: Two lovely dresses, $395
  • Unplanned: a Korean Hanbock style wrap-around skirt ($200) and some t-shirts ($25). I also bought myself a necklace for Christmas but I’m not counting that.
  • Contingency: I ended up buying three pairs of shoes in total as the size of my feet kept increasing $500.


Overbudget by $465 due to buying more shoes than expected for annoyingly swollen feet. I’m so annoyed by the whole thing, and can’t decide whether to store the extras or drop them off at the charity shop. At least my feet are organised for next year too.

I love my new black dress. It was originally purple, but I didn’t like the colour so I dyed it. Right now I think I might get another one the same next year. I didn’t get much wear from the red, mainly because it felt too fancy to wear at home and the days I went out were cool enough to default back to jeans and the red tunic.

And I love the skirt. But I think it’s a little too round for me, and I need to cut a little off each end to make it a slimmer fit.

So aside from the shoes, very happy. But want more red and orange next year.

How did you go over Summer 2019?

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