Signature Wardrobe Music Festival Outfit
1887 Bowen Park Music Festival. Illustration printed in The Australasian sketcher, from a photo by Messrs. J. Hogg & Co. via State Library Victoria

I’m sitting, wrapped in blankets, envying my Northern friend’s summer plans. Today I’m imagining myself there and planning a Signature Wardrobe Music Festival Outfit.


You’re outdoors. If you’re in the UK, it might rain. There may be biting insects. You’ll be on your feet dancing, walking, standing and hopefully drinking water to stay hydrated. By the end of the day, you will probably be sweaty, covered in dust, sweat or actual mud with tangled hair and generally looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards.


Cool and comfortable should be your music festival outfit code words. Younger people may prefer skimpier outfits like shorts and tank tops, while older may look for a bit more coverage. Within that scope, choose your happiest colours and patterns.


You’ll want something loose or stretchy enough for a good range of movement, in a light coloured natural fibre. Dense fabrics will offer sun and insect protection, but looser weaves or knits will let the cooling breezes through.

The evenings may be cold by comparison. Other people’s body heat will keep you warm to an extent, but take a light wrap, cardigan, or jacket just in case. You can always tie it round your waist if you don’t need it.

Consider a lightweight rain jacket or poncho, because weather is weather.


Ideally a breathable natural fibre, supplemented with panty liners to manage sweat. If you’re planning to dance a lot, consider a supportive bra; perhaps a sports bra.


Make sure they are comfortable because you’ll be upright in them a long time. Flats are probably best; sandals, sneakers, or wellingtons.

Natural skins will wick sweat away better than synthetics that will leave you in a nice sweaty foot bath. It’s possible your feet will swell as the day progresses, so try something with a little give in it too.


For the sake of not losing it, avoiding dancing injuries, or losing your circulation, you may prefer not to wear much jewellery. Fashionistas might like a bold statement piece.

I recommend a straw hat with a wide brim for sun protection. Plus sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, wind-blown sand and foliage, and nearby frenetic dancers.

Consider a bandanna as  extra sun protection, a sweat wiper, wind shield, and cowboy stick-em-up mask.

You may not have access to lockers, so a small backpack or cross-body bag for your essentials.


You might like to skip the heavy makeup and go with just a tinted sunscreen and lip balm – reapplied frequently. Waterproof mascara if you must.

Loose hair may become tangled through the wind or your vigorous dance moves, so a loose up-do, braids or pony tail that won’t mess with your hat will keep it under control.

Wrap Up

Your Music Festival Outfit may the same or similar to your fair or beach outfits. Something cool for the heat, but something warm in case the weather turns. The temptation may be to buy new things to dress up in, but your old comfortable clothes will be the best.


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