Signature Wardrobe Brunch Outfit

Signature Wardrobe Brunch Outfit
Brunch Outfit
Pavement Cafe, East end of Collins Street, c. 1920 – 1954. Photo by Rose Stereograph Co. via State Library Victoria

Today I’m looking at a brunch outfit.

In case you don’t know, brunch is a late breakfast you eat around lunchtime. Sometimes you have brunch when you’re a bit hung over, and other times to get an early start on the drinking. It might be an intimate meal with your beloved, or an excuse to catch up with a few friends without having to dress up or commit more time than you would ideally like to.

It’s my very favourite meal to go out for.


Brunch, obviously, involves eating and drinking. Mostly sitting, some standing, and perhaps a bit of milling about. If you’re eating outdoors, consider fuller coverage clothing (e.g., longer sleeves) for sun protection.

It most often takes place in relaxed eateries of the kind that don’t use crystal or tablecloths, so the dress code is casual. Not so casual that you’re wearing pyjamas or exercise gear, but something neat, clean and comfortable. Perhaps something along the lines of your Gallery outfit.

And as it’s often something you do in between other activities like going to the movies or shopping, take those activities into account as well.


Naturally, you’ll wear the colours and styles that make you happy. Though if it’s the hangover brunch, you’ll probably want to tone it down with darker colours with less vibrant patterns.


Most likely you’ll go for jeans and a t-shirt, but if you love dresses go ahead and wear one; just be prepared for people to accuse you of dressing up. For some reason, many people think that’s a bad thing.


I’d say yes, but I won’t tell if you don’t.


For the comfort of others, yes, please. Even if they are only thongs (or flip-flops for non-Australians!). Consider the ease of getting them on and off and the activities you’ll be doing before and after lunch.


I’d say go mad and wear as much jewellery as you like. Take your sunglasses and a small bag that you can easily stash on your lap or under your chair.


On the assumption you want to spend more time eating than getting ready, go for a neat and clean look. Perhaps your signature hair, or something simple like a ponytail that keeps it out of your face. Just your light daytime casual makeup.

Wrap Up

My experience with eating out is that people are more interested in their food than what’s on your body. Unless, like me, your brunch outfit is literally covered in brunch. In which case, all bets are off.

As you no doubt know by now, I have a small wardrobe of highish quality items, so there’s a very good chance that I will look almost exactly the same as I do at the fair, or anywhere else for that matter. And that’s not a bad thing either.

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