Q2 2022 Plan

Q2 2022 Plan

Hopefully my Q2 2022 plan will build on the lessons learned in Q1 and turn out more successfully.

Q2 2022 Plan
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In the universe according to Dean Wesley Smith, the second quarter is “The Time of Great Forgetting.” Mainly because in the northern hemisphere it’s the lead into summer and people start coming out of their winter hibernation.

Here in the southern hemisphere, I’m heading into my winter hibernation, but it’s also a good time to get snuggled into blankets with open fires and hot chocolates and good books. Or tv shows. And weight gain…

2022 Vision

My “Stephen King Famous” vision still works.

Q2 2022 Plan

My goals remain the same.

Goal #1: Stay Married to DB

Still keen to stay married to DB. Still using the same three keystone actions (the ones most likely to produce the results you want):

  • Cook his favourite meals.
  • Do the chores that annoy him the most when they don’t get done.
  • Never move anything he puts down.

Goal #2: lose 4.6 kg by July 3, 2022 (target 59.9 kg)

Staying with the same keystone activities:

  • Eat smaller portions.
  • Don’t eat snacks.
  • Don’t eat after 7 pm.

Goal #3: Stephen King Famous

As I mentioned, the original keystone actions weren’t quite right, so I’ve amended them:

  • Write 500 – 1,000 words every day.
  • Complete a novella each month.
  • Publish the novella the next month.

Planning Notes

It feels doable, I’ve:

  • Decided what chores to do when.
  • Decided on a 6pm teatime.
  • Identified a good time to write (hopefully) undisturbed, and a back up time.
  • Plotted out my big weeks, like week 7 where I’ll be attending an online intensive workshop.
  • Planned some contingencies.

I am about as ready as I can be – all that remains is to turn up each day, and get the activites done.

What are you planning for 2022?

For more, see the Project Life Worth Living page.

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