As far as I am concerned, there are three aspects to wealth: money, time and health.

As I say in Holistic Personal Finance, the value of money

comes from the time you spend in places you don’t want to be doing things you don’t want to do, that you swap for the things you need like food and shelter. And the things you want like chocolate or the latest smartphone

Alexandria Blaelock

In more recent times, we generally feel the lack of time and health (physical and mental) more than money.

And I was recently reminded of this.

I had a large cyst cut out of my back a month ago. No biggie, just half an hour in the office under a local anaesthetic. Whip it out before it explodes. Just two or three stictches.

Or so I thought.

But the thing about messing about with your back, it doesn’t really matter what part of your body you move, your back gets involved – arms, legs, head. Everything.

And like most people, I thought I had too much to do to rest properly.

In fact, the very next day I was out at the supermarket, doing the weekly shopping. Just a couple of painkillers to help with the pain.

Of course I lost a stitch, and of course it got infected, and of course I now have to wait much longer for it to heal.

Taking the antibiotics that make me feel ill. And paying for the drugs, dressings and medical care.

Having DB dress and redress the wound every other day. For two months instead of a couple of weeks.

Poor DB.

So the moral of the story is:

The most important thing, is taking good care of your health.

Without your health, the time and the money don’t mean squat.

Inage of The Waterbury Correct Time for Little Money c. 1881-1890, by Troedel & Co. lithographer
via State Library Victoria

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