June 2018 Progress Report

June 2018 Progress Report

Ah, June 2018.  All the drama worthy of a Hollywood epic. Something like the 1956 Charlton Heston epic The Ten Commandments. Yeah, okay, that’s probably a wee bit of an exaggeration, but it had its ups and downs.

Virtue May Jun Notes

I learn and grow every day.

 😐 😐 In amongst June 2018’s drama, I thought about contingency planning.

My usual morning radio station has a new announcer. I think he’s supposed to be funny, but listening to him put people down gives me a very negative start to the day so I’ve been avoiding him.

Energy: Wellness

I enjoy exercising my lean, healthy 59 kg body several times a week.

I walk more steps each day.

67.8 kg
66.9 kg
Had the kidney biopsy, and there are no signs of rejection. Excellent news, though not really helpful for the fatigue issue. Which led me to consider fostering life energy. And how to lose more weight more fast.

My eyesight is fabulous since the second cataract surgery – everything looks beautiful. And this time I had a magnificently bloody eye!

Energy: Presence

Plan a more energetic wardrobe

🙂 🙂 I’m enjoying my new slippers, but I miss my old ones, and I’m wondering whether I should have got the same thing again.

And in the midst of rushing about and being interrupted, thought about an Outfit for being left alone.

Focus: Business Development

Select and attend conference or course or event

  • writing
  • marketing
  • business
🙁 🙂 Very busy with business planning for the upcoming fiscal year. It feels as though I get a tiny bit more organised every year.

“Attended” marketing webinar which has given me some ideas. Just need the time to do something about them.

Focus: Product Development

Stick to the schedule

🙂 🙂 I set Minimally Viable Housekeeping aside for a bit while I worked on the business planning, but the break gave me some new ideas to incorporate, so that’s exciting.
Focus: Business Income

I am a prolific writer making at least $1,000 per month.

😐 😐 Haven’t done the numbers yet.
Friendship: Friends

I love meeting new people, and as I am friendly and outgoing, I make friends easily.

🙂 🙂 It’s been a busy month, but I managed to catch up with Katy for lunch.

Toseland’s been a bit down, so I thought about a dinner party to comfort a friend with depression.

Friendship: Contribution

I share my knowledge, time, and money with those who need it.

 🙂  🙂 June 2018 was the month for accepting help from others. It’s nice to know people care, but weirdly difficult to accept help when it’s offered.

Explained how to create a savings plan.

Prosperity: Leisure

I am brave and adventurous not afraid to try new things.

🙂 🙂 My knitting is surging ahead. My vest is about 2/3 done. I’ll have to get a move on with it – we’ve already passed the winter solstice and if I don’t finish it soon I won’t be able to wear it until next year!
Prosperity: Household

I live in a beautiful house, with a tranquil garden.

Happy and healthy creatures and find my garden a haven.

🙂 🙂 I an unceasingly grateful for the new central heating!

And very grateful that replacing the dead oven was relatively quick and easy.

And the pretty dogs were mostly well.

My productivity journal for June 2018 is chock full of stickers, so it looks like I’ve turned a corner! DB bought me a new ink – it’s labelled purple but I it’s more of a lilac. I think I’m going back to the violet again.

How was your June 2018?

You can find more monthly reports on the Project Life Worth Living page.

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