I’m Losing My Mind (I think)

I’m Losing My Mind (I think)

I think as well as rats (of the flying and furry kind) we are infested with mischievous pixies.

Either that or I’m losing my mind.

I can never find a pair of glasses when I need one, and I have about eight pairs of readers for just such an emergency.

And I would swear that I keep my wallet in my bag, but it’s never there when I need a credit card. Lucky I can remember my PayPal password.

For now.

And once I’ve backed up my books to the flash drive on my keyring, it goes in my bag too. But my keys are never there when I look for them.

I’m losing my mind. For sure.

I'm losing my mind

This photo of unknown female wardens c. 1915 – 1924 (not sure if they’re prison or asylum wardens) via State Library Victoria. Is it just me, or does this photo make that woman on the right really creepy?

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