Busy Bees Buzz Buzz Buzzing

Busy Bees Buzz Buzz Buzzing

I don’t know about you, but it didn’t really occur to me that bees exist in Winter, even if they aren’t busy. Well, not until I saw a couple the other day.

So I checked, and according to Amanda, they huddle together (like puppies) in winter to keep the Queen warm.

And then as the weather warms, and the Spring blossom arrives, they start appearing again.

I only mention it because it wasn’t until I saw a couple of unhappy cold-blooded bees on a cold, wet day that I wondered. And while the apple tree hasn’t blossomed yet, the buds are there, so I wonder a little if the busy little things were scouts.

Caring for Your Local Bees

If you’re interested in supporting your local bees (busy or not), Amanda suggests:

  • Don’t use pesticides! They kill bees too.
  • Grow a range of nectar and pollen-rich flowering plants that span the seasons. Old fashioned and wildflowers are best.
  • Some bees live inside hollow sticks, so don’t burn your garden prunings. Stack them somewhere and see if some move in.
  • Keep some mud, water, and bare ground so they can make homes. Or buy them a bee house (something made of untreated wood, not plastic or tin).
  • If you find a nest in the garden, leave it alone. Most only last a year.
  • Buy your honey from a beekeeper who likes bees.
  • Eat organic food
Busy Bees

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Photo by jamesvancouver from Getty Images Pro, via Canva.

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