July 2019 Progress Report

July 2019 Progress Report
Photos taken during July 2019

July 2019 featured the transplant rejection scare, the month when the Earth spun upside down on its axis and inside out. It was terrifying (and distracting) and isn’t all better, but it does give me a new sense of urgency and a desire to get things done.

And I was going through all the tests and diagnosis as I reviewed June 2019, and did the mid-year review, and it has definitely influenced what I wrote at the time. But sooner or later, I bounce back up again and get back on whatever horse I’m riding, and keep moving forward.

Because I’m a forward thinker.

That being said, the bulk of the month went towards revised business and personal planning, and we’ll just have to see where we go from here as I enter the downhill slide back to dialysis and the transplant list.

Beauty: body
I enjoy exercising my lean, healthy 59 kg body several times a week.
• Eat < 5g of salt and sugar per day.
• Walk 10,000 steps per day.
• Sleep 8 hours each night.
70.2 kg
70.2 kg
Lost a bit of weight, gained a bit and ended up back where I started. Which is better than gaining weight but not as good as losing it.
Beauty: home
I live in a comfortable home that soothes my soul.
• Work out how to take home renovation holidays.
😐🙁I’m drowning in a never-ending sea of dog hair as Pretty Girl enters the Spring moulting season.
Beauty: garden
My garden is lush and abundant, providing habitats, weather protection and a mystical threshold.
• Develop a new garden plan.
😐🙂A bit of pruning, a bit of fertilising, and a load of Spring bulbs coming up.
Friendship: friends
I love meeting new people, and as I am friendly and outgoing, I make friends easily.
• Find (or start) a local writers group.
😐🙂I mentioned handing out my business cards at the Writers Festival, and someone got in touch!!!

Wrote about being alone with others.
Friendship: creatures
My creatures are happy and healthy and find my garden a haven.
🙂🙂We’re all good on the creature front at the moment. Though Pretty Girl has started running away when she sees her brush come out.
Friendship: contribution
I share my knowledge, time, and money with those who need it.
• Develop a charitable works programme.
🙂🙂This month I mainly contributed my time, money and care to me.

Though I wrote about the benefits of overcoming fear.
Wisdom: growth
I learn and grow every day.
• Visit a historically or culturally significant venue or event each month.
😐🙂Thanks to Kristine Kathryn Rusch, I feel like I’ve got a handle on my time (finally). And a more realistic business plan.
Pleasure: adventure
I am brave and adventurous not afraid to try new things.
🙂🙂Wrote five short stories. The more regularly I write, the easier it gets.
Pleasure: recharge
I work hard and have the right to rest and recharge.
• Turn the computer off by 7 pm.
• Read 78 books in 2019.
🙂🙂Read six books; Words Are My MatterA Curse So Dark and LonelyManaging Your Inner Artist13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t DoThe Wedding DateThe Good Luck Sister. And added a crap tonne to my reading list.

My July 2019 productivity journal is full of to-do lists, mentorship application research, scribbled notes about my blood tests results and things to eat to change my blood chemistry (and prolong the life of the transplant). A lot of resting, reading and planning, but not a lot of working.

How was your July??

You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

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