2019 Year End Review
The progress I’ve made looks neat and clean too – North view of Sydney c. 1825
by Joseph Lycett (1774? – 1828) via State Library Victoria

Now the year is done, it’s time for the 2019 year-end review.

I wouldn’t say that 2019 was my best year ever, but I feel like I made some progress towards my goals, especially the writing. Not quite to plan, but getting somewhere.

2019 Background

My 2019 vision was of a prolific writer, making a good living.

And my mission was to entertain and share my wisdom by writing prolifically and publishing widely.

And I started with one set of virtues that didn’t work out and ended the year with another.



The goal was to get just under the clinically mandated weight of 60 kg.

Mid-Year: health had been an issue – not enough exercise, sleep or the right food, with clear fluid retention issues being an indication the transplant was deteriorating. Rating: 🙁

Year-End: weight didn’t get any less, and while it got higher, I got it back down. A greater focus on controlling salt helped with the fluid retention. Rating: 😐


The goal was thick glossy hair that compliments my beautiful clothes.

Mid-Year: Not Happy. Rating: 🙁 Came to the conclusion it was time to move on and learn to live with it.

Year-End: No longer tracked, so no review.


The goal was to live in a comfortable home that soothes my soul.

Mid-Year: I was unhappy because I felt like I was living in a pigsty. Rating: 🙁

Year-End: It’s cleaner and tidier, and we’ve caught up with and completed some of our projects. Rating: 🙂


Garden went back on the list for a similar reason, with the goal of a lush and abundant space, with habitats, weather protection and a mystical threshold.

Mid-Year: hadn’t achieved much. Rating: 😐

Year-End: Started looking for new ideas, but didn’t make any plans. Rating: 😐



The goal was to make new friends, especially authors.

Mid-Year Review: Well, I reached out, but not many people reached back. Rating: 😐

Year-End Review: I kept trying. I didn’t manage to find a local writer’s group. I did find an international forum of writers around my level, which is working out well, and I have two author penpals! I’ll keep trying on the local group front though. Rating: 🙂


The goal was happy, healthy creatures who find my garden a haven.

Mid-Year: Lots of birds and lots of possums. We were even blessed by an echidna. Rating: 🙂

Year-End: Fewer echidnas, but still loads of birds and possums. Even amazingly, some frogs! Will need to create habitat for them. Rating: 🙂


The goal was to make a difference; to share my knowledge, time, and money with those who need it.

Mid-Year: I felt I’d lost the plot. Rating: 🙁

Year-End: I have a proto-charitable plan. I’m finding it harder this year than in the past as I have less income and there are more causes I’d like to support. Especially with the bushfires. Rating: 😐



My goal was to be brave and adventurous not afraid to try new things.

Mid-Year: I wasn’t sure I’d been as adventurous as I could, mainly focusing on a target of 52 short stories in 52 weeks. Rating: 🙂

Year-End: Still writing the short stories, have tried some new restaurants and different kinds of food. Still not much, but making progress. Rating: 🙂


Recharge was mainly about making myself stop work, initially by turning off my computer by 7 pm, and setting a reading target of 78.

Mid-Year: had read 50 books, and was getting into a good end of day routine. Rating: Rating: 🙂

Year-End: “Only” made it to 70 books, but am getting really good at turning my computer off. Rating: 🙂



The goal was to learn and grow, in particular by visiting historical and culturally significant places.

Mid-Year: Not much in the way of visits. Rating: 😐

Year-End: Still not much in the way of visits. I really must get back up to date with the exhibitions. Rating: 😐


So overall, my 2019 year-end review showed I was slightly more happy than neutral. Which sounds slightly bad, but I’m not ending the year with areas of my life that are sad. So that’s good.

Go me!

And now it’s to start thinking about 2020.

Have you reviewed 2019? How did you go?

You can find more progress reports at the Project Worthwhile Life page.


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