2017 Transplantiversary

2017 Transplantiversary

Well, that’s the 2017 Transplantiversary gone – six years now. And the transplanted kidney is still doing well; there’s no sign of the rapid degeneration I feared after my 2016 Transplantiversary.

Though it’s still a good reminder that there is still a lot of living that I want to do.

The major downside this year is that I have cataracts. While they could have started decades ago, their immune suppression induced expansion has been so rapid that it’s time to have them removed. It almost seems that every day brings a substantial deterioration on the previous. My vision never clears, no matter how clean my glasses are, and I’m not comfortable driving any longer. I confess that I don’t know if I am more terrified of losing my vision or the surgery. But my brother had his done, and I can’t possibly let him best me on this!

Other than that, still doing well – no diabetes, no cardiovascular deterioration, and no cancer.

With all the drama of my mother’s deterioration, death, and estate settlement I completely lost the plot about pretty much everything. I have put on weight and still don’t get enough exercise. Though according to my activity tracker, I’m averaging 7:30 sleep a night, with a little over half being deep restorative kind of sleep. That’s good!

I have weaned myself off a daily serve of chocolate biscuits.

Though I do tend to go straight to work in the morning, so probably don’t bathe often enough or take proper care of my teeth or face. And we won’t talk about the page of health goals.

So, there’s still more or less the same basic health goals.

  • Weight: ≤ 59 kg by 29 January (next clinic appointments)
  • Exercise: walk more steps than yesterday
  • Nutrition: eat regularly, eat better

But I want to get back to some of those pended goals this year too.

  • Renovate the bathroom
  • Landscape the garden
  • Plan and do one new thing each month (adventures!)

All in all, despite publishing Holistic Personal Finance, I don’t feel like I have lived a worthwhile life for me or my donor this year. Though, without blaming my mother I can’t really see how it could have been different. I do feel as though huge blocks of things have fallen into place; routines, schedules, attitudes, so maybe next year will be different. All I really need to do is remember what’s important and not get caught up in what is not. Easier said than done!

Have you considered being an organ donor?

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