I recently heard about Small Business Saturday. It’s an event in November taking place between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales to encourage people to shop locally.

Small Business Saturday
Phil Evans in front of ‘The Junction,’ his dairy produce shop, c. 1934-6 via State Library Victoria
Presumably, that’s his wife in the window.

This year (2021), it’s November 27, which is why I’m posting this early – so you can think about it for tomorrow.

Your local shops have been doing it tough.

There have been long lockdowns with little or no sales, and the rent still due.

They’ve dealt with distribution issues getting stock in, and distribution issues getting it out.

They’ve had to lay off staff, and no we’re open, they can’t get them back.

Chances are, if you’ve been shopping during those lockdowns, you’ve shopped at a larger business that usually takes most of the benefit of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.

If you’ve worked, chances are the same; the kind of business that takes most of the benefit of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.

And if you haven’t, chances are you need the kind of discounts you’ll get at that kind of business.

Because you’ve been doing it tough too.

I know I’ve seen a lot of local businesses close down – one before it had even opened! And we won’t get started on my favourite Korean restauarant again…

Maybe you’ve seen it too.

So this Small Business Saturday, please try to share the love around.

How to “do” Small Business Saturday

Here’s some suggestions, get your:

  • Bread at the bakery
  • Meat at the butcher
  • Vegetables from the grocer
  • A latte from the local cafe
  • Magazine from a newsagent
  • Book from a bookshop
  • Flowers from the florist
  • A spot of lunch at a restaurant
  • A drink at the pub
  • The painkillers you’ll need for your recovery at the pharmacy
  • Get your hair done at the hairdresser or barber
  • Visit a nail bar
  • Get your eyebrows done
  • Have a facial or massage

Thinking back to the Monk’s Morning Routine, consider it an act of generosity.


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