September 2017 Progress Report

September 2017 Progress Report

I can’t believe September 2017 is gone already – I have no idea where the month went. Lucky I keep a journal to check back on! (Even though it’s completely illegible sometimes).

Virtue Aug Sep Notes
Beauty: Body

I enjoy exercising my lean, healthy 59 kg body several times a week.

65.7 kg
67.1 kg
I can tell you I was ravenous. All the time. When I mentioned it to Toseland, he said that your stress hormones make you hungry, particularly for sweet things that fuel your fight/flight. It makes sense as Holistic Personal Finance is in its final stages and will hopefully be available in early November. (Which reminds me of something else I need to get done – quick pass the Tim Tams!)

I made it to the podiatrist, and it seems my foot problems are actually leg problems. So interesting! And I have a date for my cataract surgery which is too close and too far away at the same time.

Beauty: Presence

I have thick glossy hair that compliments my beautiful clothes.

 🙂  🙂 I started thinking about Revealing My Beauty for Summer and decided to try the hair loss treatment. It makes my scalp all tingly, but it’s too soon to tell if it’s working.

My 2017 Winter Wardrobe Update was pretty gruelling. I can’t believe how quickly my spending got out of control. Fortunately, I didn’t need anything new for my Headshot Outfit.

Beauty: Home

I live in a comfortable home that soothes my soul.

 🙂 🙂 We’ve had some warmer weather, and it’s been wonderful to open the doors and windows and let some fresh air and sunshine in. And to hang the quilts on the line and put them back on the bed with new bed linen. I’ve even done some decluttering. That would be the New Start I was talking about.

I’m still trying to find a way to balance the house and business work, so both get done consistently. Not to mention the exercise.

Beauty: Garden

My garden is lush and abundant, providing habitats, weather protection and a mystical threshold.

 🙂  🙂 We lost some shrubs in the storms – it’s like they reach a certain height and give up! I was talking to the lady at the local environment society nursery, and she said that many native plants are grafted onto different rootstock so that they are viable in a wider range of environments, but unfortunately for me, that means they can’t survive in the area they originally came from!

She also said that it’s better to grow smaller plants that “learn” to live in the garden than larger plants that grow up in more sheltered environments (and they are cheaper). We’ve planted some tiny replacements.

Friendship: Friends

I love meeting new people, and as I am friendly and outgoing, I make friends easily.

 🙂  🙂 The month was busy, but I managed to catch up with Katy. Sometimes I miss working in an office with people.

Though my Stress Free Tennis Dinner Party was pretty good if I do say so myself.

Friendship: Creatures

My creatures are happy and healthy and find my garden a haven.

 😐  🙂 The dogs have put weight back on and had their arthritis injections topped up. They’re still a bit clingy but not so much I can’t get out of the house now and again.
Friendship: Contribution

I share my knowledge, time, and money with those who need it.

 🙂  😐 Aside from thinking about to get to Know Thyself, my only claim to contribution this month might be supporting my local grocer and hamburger joint.
Pleasure: Adventure

I am brave and adventurous not afraid to try new things.

 🙂  😐 The boldest I got was a gingerbread flavoured milkshake. Which is pretty bold, and I’m not sure I’ll have another.
Pleasure: Recharge

I work hard and have the right to rest and recharge.

 🙂  🙂 I’ve been getting some reading done. And standing in the sun which is always uplifting.

Toseland and I were also speculating about whether the phases of the moon might affect your energy levels, so I want to look into this further.

Wisdom: Growth

I learn and grow every day.

 🙂  🙂 The arrival of the last of my mother’s effects got me thinking about the things that you choose to buy, and the things you choose to keep.

When I was in Uni, I read an article that described a medieval will that left a log pillow legacy. It was exactly as it sounds; a piece of wood that the dead person had been using as a pillow. History doesn’t record whether the legatee burnt it or slept on it.

I guess in the end, none of it matters anyway.

Wealth: Business Development

Select and attend a business-related conference or event – real not virtual.

 🙂  🙂 I think that my latest website problem might be fixed now (fingers crossed). I’m tempted to rebuild it from scratch, but that would take a lot of time that I need for other things. But on the other hand, I’m planning a redesign, so why not do it then? I feel there’s a lot of excess coding that it would be better off without.

But I have started developing some targets and metrics to track, so at least I will know where I am workwise. Well, as soon as I get them up to date anyway!

Wealth: Income

I am a successful author making at least $1,000 per month.

 🙂  🙂 I have finished collating my income, and am ready to do my taxes (19 days left).

On average I am selling 4 books a month for $4.79 each. And with exchange rate fluctuations and varied payment terms, my monthly authorial income averages out at $26.49. Well, for the 17-18 fiscal year to date anyway. It’s not a great deal, but it’s a latte a week from my local bakery!

My journal reveals that September 2017 was a month plagued by migraines, dizzy spells, and sore feet. Not helped by the feeling of a business out of control.

Was your September better than mine?

You can find more monthly reports at the Project Worthwhile Life page.

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