The Bizarre And Confusing Logic Of Creative Pursuits

The Bizarre And Confusing Logic Of Creative Pursuits

I don’t believe in writer’s block, I believe in the logic of creative pursuits.

Generally, when I sit down to write, I just write the next sentence. I ask what’s the next logical thing, and then I write it down. And then the next sentence, and the sentence after that, followed by another sentence.

And then I’m generally on a roll, and the sentences come thick and fast.

But the logic of creative pursuits relies on the existence of the first sentence to add onto, and sometimes first sentences are hard to come by. And the subsequent sentences have nothing to hang off.

And feel sad and lonely, and a bit lost and unloved.

Sometimes I borrow someone elses sentences, or I’ll overhear something that gives me one to get started with. But lately, I’m suffering from of creativity.

There’s been too much going on in the logic of reality department. It’s time to read a book and move back into my imagination.

Logic of Creative Pursuits

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This image, possibly Teresa Wardell, was taken by Edward Stanfield Wardell who was the Deputy Master of the Melbourne Mint at the time (1904-1915). It comes via the State Library Victoria.

I’m pretty sure that’s an inkwell on the table, but imagine if it was a boiled egg…

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