December 2016 Progress Report

Looking back, December 2016 seems like a chaotic and ultimately futile scramble to get things done.

beauty: body
Weight ≀59kg by 6 February 2017

63.3 kg

62.2 kg
I’m feeling happier to be closer to my most recent minimum, but still a way to go. I really must make that dental appointment now that I have stopped coughing…
beauty: presence
build a practical and workable wardrobe that reflects who I am


πŸ™‚My hair and I are reaching an accommodation, but I think it’s the brushing and rainwater rinsing. I’m mostly happy with my 2016 Summer Wardrobe, but I still love my red tunic the best.

Now that I have explained Empire Line dresses, I am seeing them everywhere.

beauty: home
sparse yet comfortable happy home that reflects our authentic selves


πŸ™‚The household maintenance list continues to grow, and now includes replace the air-conditioning which packed up over Christmas. It’s  beginning to look like 2017 will be our nesting year.
beauty: garden
lush and abundant garden providing habitats, weather protection and a mystical threshold


πŸ™‚No tomatoes yet, but there is an abundance of flowers. We even have a lost bush growing in the driveway, and we’re watching to see how it does. We’ve had some currants, raspberries and boysenberries, but weren’t quick enough for the strawberries or apples.
friendship: creatures

  • get the dogs well and healthy
  • develop habitats to support native species


πŸ™‚The fox is back, and keeping the dogs entertained looking for it.

The shrubs are alive with small birds and look possessed half the time. It’s oddly relaxing.

We have some big trees that need to be cut down, so I’m starting to think about what I can replace them with.

friendship: friends

  • maintain and improve relationships with international and e- friends
  • make new friends (especially local)


πŸ™‚The festive season was quite busy with drinks and lunches and so on. I didn’t have the opportunity for a Stress Free Impromptu Dinner Party, but I hope you did.
friendship: contribution
give something back to the community and the planet


😐I bought most of my gifts on-line from small craftspeople and had them shipped directly to their recipients. I bought charity Christmas cards made from recycled paper. And I tried to avoid products with excess packaging, though if I am honest that was mainly mince pies from the local baker rather than pre-packaged from the supermarket. Every little bit helps, doesn’t it?
pleasure: adventure
taking risks, international vacations and just doing stuff


πŸ™‚I am loving my new phone, though apparently, it’s a phablet, not a phone. Who knew?

And I explained the pleasure that comes from developing skill in something.

pleasure: recharge
rest, relax, recharge

  • turn off the computer by 9 pm
  • read two books per month


πŸ™‚With some quiet space over the holidays I met my book target, but not my computer one. Oops.
wisdom: choice
having the capacity to make choices


 πŸ˜Nothing specific to report, aside from the assorted choices already alluded to here.
wisdom: growth

  • become a more complex person by challenging my beliefs
  • developing my mind and having the courage of my convictions
  • choosing me for me


😐Learned some interesting things at the Publishing Success Summit. Among them, that I am accidentally a fairly good book cover designer. All that time reading books over the years has paid off!
wealth: income
$12,000 income


πŸ™‚Up to 9.02% of my 2016 royalties target. While it doesn’t look like I will reach the target, it’s more than I earned last year!
wealth: expenditure
reduce expenditure


😐After my Christmas and wardrobe shopping I am currently battling the urge to continue shopping. In some ways it reminds me of when I gave up smoking; it’s just a craving. But in this case, I think it’s the thrill of the chase that I miss.

I haven’t bought myself a Christmas present yet, but there isn’t anything I want that springs to mind. That is an odd feeling.

Gave myself a few “good job” stickers in December 2016, though according to my productivity journal, I spent most of the month beating myself up for not achieving the goals I was setting myself. I guess that’s the problem with missing your project deadline by two months.

I’ve had to put Holistic Personal Finance aside for a few weeks as I have been stressing myself out, losing perspective and producing poor work. I’m a little sad about that, but I guess that’s why some authors like to have a couple of books on the go at the same time.

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I hope you had a fabulous December and are looking forward to 2017.


14th January 2017

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