April 2017 Progress Report

April 2017 Progress Report

April 2017 turns out to be my “mense horribilis”. I mentioned in March that my mother was ill, and in April she passed away, which overtook everything else. You might want to give up, avoid this litany of misery/melodrama and pick up again in May when things have improved.



About the clearest April 2017 thing was the above Latin translation for horrible month (kudos to the Queen, whose birthday made me think of it).

Beauty: body


  • Weigh ≤59kg by 5 June 2017 (Discipline).
  • Book all the appropriate 2017 dental, medical and mental appointments, so they take place on schedule.
  • Join a local yoga class and pay for the term up front (Discipline).
63.5 kg
64.7 kg
Too many migraines, too much chocolate, and too much time sitting on the phone.
Beauty: presence


  • Pick a hair style and commit to growing it in (Discipline).
  • Plan 2017 Winter and Summer wardrobes.
 🙂 🙁Got my hair cut for the funeral, wish I hadn’t.


Recommended an Outfit for Errands, and discussed expensive taste.

Beauty: home


  • Develop a plan for decorating and upgrading through 2017.
  • Execute the plan.
  • Complete all tasks required by the plan (Discipline).
 😐🙂We’ve started talking about getting the bathroom done again. I’m pretty sure that I don’t want a freestanding clawfoot bath. Lovely as they look I’ve no desire to spend time vacuuming dog hair out from beneath it.


I speculated about what life without electricity would be like, and now I’m wondering if we should think about our own power generation.

Beauty: garden


  • Develop a 2017 native plant landscaping plan for privacy.
  • Execute the plan.
  • Complete all tasks required by the plan (Discipline).
 🙂 🙂And we started talking about the garden again, starting with getting some old dying trees cut down.
Friendship: friends


  • Book 2017 lunches, coffees and dinners with local friends.
  • Join Writers Victoria and attend meetings at least monthly (Discipline).
  • Join a local chapter of Toastmasters and attend at least monthly (Discipline).
 😐 😐I did lunch, but my poor friends must have been bowed down by the weight of my self-centeredness. I encourage you to take photos anyway.
Friendship: creatures


  • Book 2017 vet appointments for the dogs.
  • Develop habitats for native creatures (shared with Garden).
 🙂 🙂Pretty girl had her arthritis injection, and the dogs are all lovey dovey now that we are all home again. Not looking forward to helping them drop their excess weight.
Friendship: contribution


  • Develop a sharing program.
  • Where possible purchase from small or local suppliers.
 🙂 🙁Nothing to say. Except how not to deal with the business of death.
Pleasure: adventure


  • Plan and do one new thing each month.
  • Plan an overseas vacation for 2018.
 😐 🙁No adventure, just skirting the edges of rage producing insanity.
Pleasure: recharge


  • Turn the computer off by 9 pm.
  • Read a book each week (Discipline).
 🙂 🙁What pleasure?
Wisdom: growth


  • Read a book each week (shared with Recharge).
  • Visit a historically or culturally significant venue or event each month.
 😐 🙁Less than nothing to say. Or maybe a little about how to cope when you can’t monotask.
Wealth: Business Development


  • Select and attend a business-related conference or event – real not virtual.
  • Select and attend a marketing course (real or virtual).
  • Consider buying advertising to market my products and services.
 😐 🙁Even less than nothing to say.
Wealth: income


  • Earn $1,000 a month.
  • Re-develop CV and re-register with employment agencies.
 😐 😐Haven’t run the numbers yet.

April 2017 takes up 43 pages in my Productivity Journal, and most of them are full up with notes from assorted conversations with various business and institutions relating to my mother’s care, funeral and estate. There are no achievement stickers or gold stars, mainly just swear word doodle patterns.

If you made it this far, congratulations! Why don’t you cheer me up with your April 2017 highlight in the comments below?

If this has been too much for you, you can find more cheerful reports at the Project Worthwhile Life page.

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