What I Need Right Now

What I Need Right Now

The other day I was watching Men in Black: International, and among other things that made me laugh, were the red buttons. The “what I need right now” buttons that supercharge whatever thing they’re attached to.

And as I thought about it more, I realised that a lot of movies, especially science fiction, feature some kind of button, usually red, you can punch for a bit of extra grunt.

Very useful.

And you can find them in real life too – my hand-held vacuum has a supercharge button. Though it’s grey masquerading as silver and labelled “MAX.”

I could do with one of those give me what I need right now buttons. Somewhere convenient, like on my tummy or in my armpit. It’d be handy right about now as it turns out. Though I’m a little afraid I’d burn through all the oomph too quickly, just like my vacuum does.

A wiser choice would probably be to eat a light meal and go to bed early. And if I’m lucky, Pretty Girl will be feeling better, and we can both sleep right through the night. Though the way her stomach’s gurgling, a catch-up nap tomorrow’s looking more likely.

What I Need Right Now
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5th September 2019

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