I’m sure I’m not alone when I say welcome 2024, welcome!

For some of us, 2023 was a crap year, and I, for one, am hoping for much better in 2024. Can’t be any worse than last year (touch wood).

I’m hoping for much better in 2024, and I hope for nothing but good for you too.

The Recap

As usual, I’ll start with a short (tongue in cheek) review of the last five years’ horoscopes.

  • 2019 would bring positive change, offering hope for a joyful and focused year (kinda).
  • 2020 if you held true to your goals, you’d enjoy your destiny (mostly true for me).
  • 2021 a 20-year phase of change that might be considered lucky (um, not really).
  • 2022 clashes between traditional and innovative views, challenging ideas of comfort and stability (not for me, but perhaps the rest of the planet).

Goodbye 2023

The 2023 horoscopes predicted war, environmental disaster, famine, economic disaster, and social unrest (spot on), getting on with getting those personal goals (not really).

Then again, I suffered injury, surgery, a catastrophic loss of creativity, and the lead guy on the cottage construction cracked the shits and quit. So yeah, maybe my house was the centre of the global distaster!

But having looked back at the year, I wrote four short stories, published two collections, a novella, and 16 short stories. And I created an online store, got most of my publications through print on demand to fill it, added some merchandise, and once I got my shit together, submitted 17 stories to magazines.

Welcome 2024

As I welcome 2024, its horoscope is bleaker for the planet, but better for me (as I’d expect after last year).

According to this year’s horoscopes, the planet is facing structural changes in governments and reconfiguration of international relationships, (guess we’d better all keep our fingers crossed for the American Presidental Election).

Plus, there’s a potential paradigm shift as we escape the capitalistic mentality, with once in a lifetime changes in careers, relationships and personal growth.

As The Astro Twins put it, this year will be “a little bit Ted Lasso, [with] a pinch of Taylor Swift,” and I’m fine with that. Sounds perfect in fact. And you know what they say about Roy Kent!

For Pisces in particular, we have to find the balance between logic and our emotions. Get back to basics, avoid emotional turmoil and become our best selves in 2024. If we can manage that, we’ll reap our professional rewards! Thank goodness for some better news.

So, welcome 2024 indeed!

On a related note

Yes, it was a distractingly deep dive.

This year is also the Chinese year of the Wood Dragon, and starting from February 10, we can expect the King and Queen of heaven to bless us, though they’re not beyond administering a slap or two when we need it. We’ll see excess and exuberance, long and happy marriages, as well as a good year for companies which are already in good shape. Lucky colours spring green and imperial yellow.

The numerology situation is good. 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8, the number of Saturn, which possesses the qualities of ambition and perseverence. So this year marks an outward facing year where you build on your learnings from last year, while using and developing your personal power.

Laid on it’s side, an 8 makes ∞ (infinity), which on a cosmic scale, emphasises balancing work and personal, as well as material and spiritual. Thinking about karmic consequences, because your choices will have long term repercussions.

But seriously, back to welcoming 2024

This year, like last, I’m planning to stick with the goal of Stephen King/Norah Roberts famous, and my original virtues. And I’ll be continuing with the quarterly plans – more on the Q1 plan in a couple of weeks.

Overall, the year looks to build on work from 2023 in terms of developing my shop further, doing more marketing, and now that I’ve started to write again, a crap tonne more of that!

On that note, if you’d like to stay up to date with my writing and publishing…

I’m pretty satisfied by this “plan.” It’s got the foundations for a successful year. If you’d like to share yours, leave a comment below, or send me an email!

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You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

You can find my monthly reports and other planning related information on the Life Worth Living page.

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