Welcome 2020, good to see you

Welcome 2020, good to see you

It seems like no time at all since I was wishing you Happy Holidays, and now it’s all Welcome 2020.

Last year I was feeling all optimistic, but this year I’m feeling tired and worn out.

Half the country is on fire, has been for months, and it feels like we’re running on global charity. Meanwhile, the Government gets the marshmallows out ready for toasting.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know the Prime Minister is planning an enquiry, even though he’s not planning to revise his position on global warming.

But enough of that.

Thanks to everyone who has been moved by the plight of the bushfire victims, human and animal. Thank you for thinking of us, and doing what you can to help.

Now it’s time to think forward again, and welcome 2020 for the new start it brings. Just as soon as I take a vacation.

This lovely, cool and calming picture, “Winter Holiday Illumination” is by Alex Ugalek from Getty Images Pro via Canva.

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